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Pornstars / Sandra Romain

Sandra Romain Vital Stats
Height:  160 cm / 5'3"
Age:  40
Measurements:  36B-28-36
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Brown
Weight:  56kg / 123lbs
Nationality:  Romanian
Romania is the best country to find hot women in the streets. A quick fix or a one night stand with these hotties is a bucket list. Evidently there are a lot of models whether it is a fashion model or a nude model that came from this country. Adult pornstars too and when you hear about this country the first women that comes to our mind is the legendary Sandra Romain. She takes pride on what she does and brings her country’s name on her moniker, Sandra Romain. This kinky European is the Romania’s top pornstar.

She got a lot of features that will make all men and women crave for her goodies. She is all natural and seeing her in front of your computer screen or your mobile devices is proof. Just look on her 36B boobs. It is not a fake by the way, it is all natural. Her ass is worth the mention as it is perfectly curve, perfectly fit on her sexy figure.

This huge titted MILF is well known in the anal niche. She is the one that defines the anal niche before and has been the inspiration of the current pornstars nowadays. She did it all when it comes to pleasuring her precious gaping hole. There are scenes where she is taking huge thick cocks to BBC with multiple partners. Threesome or gangbang, you name it, even the extreme ones, double anal penetration. Not to mention her favorite collection of kinky sex toys. Sandra Romain even experience pleasuring using those extreme machine insertions. That is how kinky she is that is why she is the reigning “Anal Queen”

For you guys that didn’t know, Sandra Romain moved to US to further level up her career in porn and she succeed. She started to work as soon as possible especially getting into the hardcore scene. Just by watching her showcasing her skills on bed and her willingness to level up her anal specialty, she surely instantly gained a lot of fans. Most of the men also wanted a dominant women and Sandra Romain is one of that. Observing her getting into action you can see that she isn’t the submissive one as you can see she is always in charge of the action.

Her mastery of hardcore is an instant recipe of her success as she got featured by all porn companies. Yes you read that right, almost all of them as she does a lot of hardcore scenes in there and some are award winning. She did a whooping 700+ movies on her 16 years tenure in the industry. With that portfolio she won numerous awards including the AVN best anal sex scene, proving that she is indeed the “Anal Queen” Currently she isn’t thinking about retiring and still doing videos especially on the MILF niche. She is still in love with the anal sex niche, still kinky as ever.

A trivia worth mentioning is that she has a younger sister who is also working in the adult industry. Her name is Alice Romain and she is a newbie. You can see that she follows the footsteps of her sister Sandra Romain as she is into anal sex also. She is also kinky as fuck. It really runs on their blood! It is a fantasy came true as these sisters were featured on the same scenes together in a sister threesome and taboo lesbian niches. Shameless and extreme are what defines these sisters. Sandra really influences her sister Alice Romain. Look out on that video it is definitely worth watching seeing two real sisters in life in the same scene together.

Sandra Romain Updates

Smoking Sandra Romain fingering her twat at the park
Ever wonder why one of the hottest pornstar Sandra Romain is doing laying down at the grass. She is at the park late at night and chooses a certain disreet place to get off. That is right, Sandra Romain once again hitting her solo masturbation video with her craftiness and being stylish. She is wearing only her white thin nightwear and her left tits are already showing as she light up her cigarette.

She started smoking while the camera pans out into her body particularly her pretty face and her natural boobies. Sandra finally removes her nightwear at the top revealing both her perky tits and her hard pink nipples. She let her own hands explore her upper naked body while seeing her cigarette smoke all over the scene. The scene looks really sensual and romantic! We rarely see this horny Sandra Romain doing that as we know she specializes in hardcore and anal.

This surreal solo scene started to make progress rapidly as the camera zooms on the bottom part of her body. You can see this European pornstar finally touching her pussy slowly, successfully teasing her viewers. She and the cameraman didn’t let her clit show off first, Sandra only want us to know that she is getting there in the main event. You can see this chick knows how to tease her viewers with this slow, sensual stuff. After those teasing shots from the camera she started finally reaching on her wet labia. This chick started to fondle it with her fingers with passion.

The camera finally shows her lovely pussy! You can see this gorgeous chick started to please her pussylips with her two fingers. Her cigarette isn’t finish yet, you will realize that it is just a small amount of time passed but you think that this video already in the halfway. That is how Sandra Romain’s beauty and her luscious naked body will do to you. She will make you stare at her for a while.

Next scenes Sandra started to get aggressive. This European hot babe is reaching into her goal, to have multiple orgasms! You can see her fingers already rubbing her pussy. You can hear her moans getting louder as she is about to reach her climax. Sandra Romain is about to get her much longing orgasm finally as her hips is shaking and her satisfying moans getting louder. Love to see her whole body on this part of the video, kudos to the cameraman as we enjoy her fully naked body react on her long wanted orgasm.

You will notice that she isn’t finish yet! She started tasting her orgasm by licking her fingers. Sandra reaches out again into her marvelous cunt and starts masturbating aggressively. Sandra Romain surely has the goal to reach her multiple orgasms finally in a not so familiar place to play with herself. Her lubricated fingers doing all the work on her wet pussy and finally you can see her epic orgasm face as she got her orgasm again that she deserve.

Sandra Romain definitely raises her level on her solo, teasing and masturbation videos. It is a great fit for her as her perfect naked body and her luscious tits and pussy are such a great sight to see. By doing it in a different, unique way in different places. She pulled it out really well. Sandra gained a lot of fans and cocks and even pussies to please. Watch out for more Sandra Romain here in PornStreamlive. For sure you will find her masturbation and hardcore videos a must watch especially for her loyal fans since her debut.

Released: 08/13/2018
Tags: Babe Brunette Masturbation MILF Natural Tits Outdoor Pornstar Pussy Fingering Romanian Solo
Beautiful Sandra Romain all tied up and masturbating
Seeing a hot chick like the gorgeous Sandra Romain is planning something different on her latest solo video. We have all watched hot babes stripping in their bedroom, in the living room and even outdoors. You can see a lot of chicks removing their bras and panties in the garden, in the backyard or in the swimming pool. From there they can flaunt their finest naked assets or they can please their pussy with their fingers or sex toys. Here on her latest solo striptease video it is different. It is a unique one and it features the tall, busty MILF Sandra Romain.

This hot and sexy Romanian is wearing her skimpy black leather outfit. She was at the gate with the headlights overlooking the background. Her outfit perfectly shows off her sexiness all over the video. She really knows how to flaunt her slender legs and her sexy figure. We know that Sandra Romain can dance seductively on her videos. In fact she already started doing it at the very first start. The very first minutes of the video we love seeing her booty as she intentionally shows it in front of the camera. She finally removed her panties halfway making you want to crave for more of her.

Sandra turned around after flashing her butt as she touches her pussy with her hands. She keeps on fondling it sensually and passionately before turning her back again, showing her butt. This time she removed all her black panties and started showing that naked big butt. It looks luscious as you can see both her tight holes in front of the camera. The camera started to give us a close up shot of Sandra’s best asset and it is very tempting.

After a series of ass shots from this hottie she started to show off her naked big tits and her shaved pussy. She gets naked all the way and starts kneeling on the floor feeling her naked body inch by inch.

Sandra Romain definitely can put up a show especially when she is in the mood. The best part is yet to come as she started to stretch her lovely legs, spreading her butt cheeks. It looks tempting and inviting as if she wanted guys to come over and fuck her in doggystyle position. The way she spread her legs as she almost does a split and you can see how long her legs are. It is one of Sandra's assets as well as she can experiment well especially on her b/g scenes. The best thing is yet to come for this video and just caught us surprisingly on this one.

If you notice that there is a rope in the middle of the gate. We thought it is only a decoration but it serves a purpose. We know Sandra Romain is very capable of anything including the kinky ones. Next thing we know Sandra is already tied up at the gate. Yeah you will be very surprised and the same time be amazed on what she can do. Looking helpless, she can be able to pleasure herself as she started using left hand and her fingers on her pussylips. Not to mention her tits already showing. This European chick because of her horniness, keeps on masturbating until she meets secretes her pussy juices. As a matter of fact she gets her multiple orgasms here.

You can see how she obviously enjoys masturbating in a unique position. Sandra Romain can be creative on her solo videos. Her kinkiness and her horniness really help produce quality solo and masturbation videos. What more she can do on her hardcore and BDSM videos. We definitely can imagine how she can take it into the top level for her fans. Watch out for more of this hot and horny MILF. She is without a doubt one of our favorite MILF indeed.

Released: 07/19/2018
Tags: Babe Bondage Brunette Masturbation MILF Natural Tits Pornstar Pussy Fingering Romanian Solo Squirting