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Pornstars / Nilla

Nilla Vital Stats
Height:  163 cm / 5'4"
Age:  28
Measurements:  36B-28-36
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Grey
Weight:  48kg / 106lbs
Nationality:  Romanian
We consider her as one of the hidden gems in the world of porn. She is Nilla, also known as Sandra Stalina. She is born in Romania and started her adult career last year 2010. The Romanian pornstar isn’t that active doing porn videos as she is picky and wanted to have the best scenes with the best pornstars on that time. Her videos accumulated at that time and created a lot of high quality hardcore collection. She has a unique beauty, looks like a Latina or Asian at first, but she is a pure European. As a matter of fact, Nilla is a cutie and so innocent looking, but her tattoos and her skillset in sex making her a naughty slut.

Nilla has jet black hair and light coloured eyes. She is 5’5 in height and has a nice figure. Two things we notice with her as she started her adult career is that her body is deliciously looking. Fresh just like the teens and not to mention she is so petite. That is why she is really fit in the teens category. Her pretty face is off the charts and her pink nipples and pussy are too tempting to resist. She got a lot of videos that when you started to watch, felt unbelievable as you are looking on a gorgeous teen like her taking huge cocks into her mouth and her wet pussy.

Currently she can be into the teens category and you won’t believe that she is 28 years old. She really looks young on her facial features. There are also two things that you think that will sell her out if she got in there. Her skills are definitely like a veteran and her tattoo sleeves are indication that this chick is got a lot of experience when it comes to sex. Nilla currently was into a normal hardcore stuff. Some of her videos featured old man as she loves getting down and dirty with them. Seeing this chick like doing naughty stuff with the older guys is dream came true for the oldies.

Talking about Nilla’s features she has perky tits that really fit on her whole body. Her nipples are really fresh looking and if you can lick and suckle on it all day she really wouldn’t mind. Her shaved pussy down there is always hungry for huge cocks and sex toys. But her booty is another story. We can say she is bootylicious down there and seeing her getting in doggystyle and reverse cowgirl position are the positions that a must do when having a scene with her. Look forward on her previous videos and you will definitely agree with me.

The latest updates regarding this Romanian hottie is that she got a lot of videos doing double penetration. Yes you read that right, Nilla is into anal sex nowadays. Just by seeing her having sex normally is already unbelievable but seeing her taking two cocks at the same time is a fantasy come true. Not only that but she is trying out the fetish and BDSM niches. Yes! It is time to celebrate as we about to see Nilla trying out the fetish and BDSM category. Seeing this horny babe having sex with various kinky toys or getting hurt with pleasure is definitely a must watch. There are a lot in store for this European beauty that is a must watch.

Watch out for more of this tattooed European chick. She is innocent looking but she can get nasty if needed. Especially on her upcoming extreme hardcore and BDSM videos, be sure to check her out often as her videos can get trending in the adult industry.

Nilla Updates

Blanche Summer, Nilla and Tiffany Rousso group sex madness
Want to watch three of the hot pornstars we know nowadays participating in a group sex. You’ve chosen the right video. It features the petite cutie Nilla, the beautiful blonde Blance Summer and the wild blonde MILF Tiffany Rousso. It is such a right combination as both these three European babes have their own trademark beauty but with the same passion. That is sex, obviously and finally we got to see these three participating at the same time in a wild group sex.

The video started with Nilla, getting busy on her home office. She is wearing her lovely black nighties overlooking her tempting cleavage and tits. She also has a tattoo sleeves on her left arm. MugurPorn and Blanche Summer knocked on a surprise consultation. It is a marital consultation as the pretty blonde introduced this petite girl to her husband. You can see how attracted MugurPorn is to Nilla, what’s not to love with that huge tits. Blanche claimed they are fighting almost every day and wanted to seek help from these gorgeous professional Nilla. She advices that sex is issue for them and Nilla ask them to come back tomorrow for the start of the therapy.

Another couple barges in and this time it is Thomas Stone and the gorgeous MILF Tiffany Rousso. Sexual life is also an issue for both as they both are uncomfortable with one another. Nilla decided to have them visit her tomorrow for the therapy session. Tomorrow is another day and Nilla is preparing something for both of these couple as she instructed both women to wear sexy, attractive dress.

Lovely Nilla is preparing the room and the wine when Blanche Summer and MugurPorn came in. Blanche is wearing a tight tanktop showing her huge titties. They drink wine and instructed to wait for another couple as she decided to make it a group therapy. Few seconds later Thomas Stone and Tiffany Rousso also goes in the room and both are ready to start the session.

Nilla instructed the guys in the room to hold their lover’s titties with passion. The first part escalated quickly as both started to grope and hold that titties before licking their already hard nipples. You can see both of the women getting horny in the process as they are fondling their partner’s cocks already. These couples started to make Nilla envy and this chick also gets horny seeing these two making out. Next thing she instructed the two to start giving their men a nice blowjob. She is teaching Blanche Summer and Tiffany Rousso how to suck cock that their men would love. You can see how pro NIlla is giving head to both of these lucky men and both of the blondes listen to her.

Next scene you will almost see what is coming. As Nilla instructed the two men to exchange partners, catching them off guard. It is a swingers group sex in the making. The two women are blindfolded and don’t have any idea what is going on. All they wanted to do that time is to suck their lover’s cock. Just when Nilla started to remove the divider she is now joining the fun. Being a horny chick as she is she wanted to be professional but can’t resist seeing these two getting into action in front of the camera. She let these guys started to finger fuck her tight pussy first, warming and lubricating it up with her own juices.

The lovely and adventurous Nilla started to reveal to the two women there partners currently. It is definitely a surprise for them seeing they are sucking the other one’s cock. They continued the session and the scene goes wilder as the two couples as well as Nilla went all the way. MugurPorn and Thomas Stone worked on Tiffany Rousso first as Nilla and Blanche Summer loves what they are seeing. After a few minutes fuck from the hot MILF they started to shift on the busty Blanche. She got fucked in doggystyle position while sucking her lover. Their sex therapist Nilla joined the fray and starts to present her pussy. She started fucking with the guys as well with the permission of their wives.

It is a group sex spree as you can see these swinging partners and getting their wet hungry pussies fed with thick cocks. Not to mention how these three women suck their cocks. These raunchy act and method certainly worked wonders for the couple, spicing up their sex life. They ended the session with different partners as Blanche and Nilla faces getting sprayed with cum. While Tiffany Rousso getting a lovely creampie.

Released: 07/10/2018
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