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Pornstars / Melanie Gold

Melanie Gold Vital Stats
Height:  168 cm / 5'6"
Age:  29
Measurements:  34B-23-35
Hair Color:  Blonde
Eye Color:  Green
Weight:  50kg / 100lbs
Nationality:  Hungarian
This time we feature you the one and only Melanie Gold. She is a proud hottie from Romania and taking the world by her gorgeous sexy body and her huge titties since year 2013. This girl started doing porn on her age 24, the best age to show off her blessings. Melanie Gold loves showing off her precious privates and getting down and dirty with her lucky partners. Whether it is a lesbian sex or a hardcore one, she just went above our expectations with her skills in pleasuring a cock or a pussy.

If there is one reason to watch Melanie Gold doing porn and that is her sexy body. Not only she got a great figure, 34B-23-35, but she also endows a huge fake tits, curvy butt and a tight shaved deliciously looking pussy. Seeing that wonderful body in action is such a thing of beauty. Not to mention her pretty face that can launch a thousand cocks. Yeah that right, she always looks glamorously on every photoset and videos she have. That is one thing that she can’t miss on every scene she have on her 5 years of illustrious career in the adult industry.

Looking at this blonde chick, she rocked every lingeries she wore on her scenes. This is not surprising for her as her body really as if it she is like a glamorous softcore model. She definitely can compete with them just by wearing any sets of lingerie or bras and panties. She also knows how to present herself in front of the camera. Whether it is a solo teasing or masturbation or even a hardcore sex video, she knows what the guys want to see from her and we love how she shares her blessing in front of the camera.

One thing Melanie Gold isn’t ashamed of as she is a certified big cock lover. Yeah that is right, this European hottie loves huge cocks and she couldn’t get enough of it. That is why when she got into porn she said she enjoys her work so much. She loves the opportunity of seeing her partner’s cocks in front of her eyes. What else if she can hold or got the opportunity to please and fuck them? She got skills on giving a sloppy, deepthroat blowjob or getting double penetration. Yes another revelation, as she loves anal sex as well. She loves the feeling of getting both thick meats drilling on her hungry wet holes. Double penetration is her specialty and seeing this bootylicious chick doing that, your time is definitely worth it.

Every scene, this curvy babe always suggests big cocks for her pleasure. She always gets wild when her partner started fucking her mouth deep into her throat. This slender chick is always wet! She always loves getting into action already on her every scene. She does not waste any time getting her holes fucked. Melanie Gold loves to spend a lot of time with those cocks waiting for her to fuck.

There is new stuff Melanie Gold is doing nowadays and that is cosplaying or roleplaying. She knows that she can rock those naughty, kinky outfits by herself. Try to watch some of her videos previously as she already played some such as a naughty cheerleader, a horny cowgirl, a kinky nurse, an adventurous stewardess or a dominant female cop. Seeing her having sex on those outfits is a fantasy dream came true for some who fantasize this horny chick.

Melanie Gold is still currently active. Watch out for more of her here in PornStreamLive. All is worth your time seeing her doing new naughty, kinky, hardcore sex in different outfits. Whether it is one on one, a threesome or a group sex, she is still serving those cocks with a worth a fap content.

Melanie Gold Updates

Busty Melanie Gold getting her multiple orgasms
If it isn’t the one and only promiscuous chick Melanie Gold! She is our favorite blonde pornstar who possess a great, sexy thin body with huge tits and big booty. Here she is again early in the morning and it is raining but damn, Melanie Gold certainly loves making that place hot. She is wearing her newly bought luxurious dress and it highlights her sexy figure her back especially her big booty. We never mention her glamorous beauty. If you’re an avid fan of hers you know that she always looked glamorous on her pictures and videos. It is not really a surprise for her to be like this, she is indeed too beautiful for porn.

This petite chick sexiness is off the charts. Just by wearing any dress whether it is a casual or a formal, you can’t deny how sexy Melanie Gold is. Here on this video she started teasing showing rounded ass that deserved to be spanked. You can see her white thong overlooking her ass and the best thing here is she dances her hips seductively like a professional stripper. Love it by the way, we rarely see Melanie Gold do this which is a plus. She touches it naughtily while giving us an inviting stare from her eyes. Love the way how she smile on the camera. She is just like your horny girlfriend, waiting for you to come over to her and fuck her.

She lay down on the wall and keeps on teasing us with her body and her butt. Once she removes her thong you can finally see her naked butt which is we think one of her best feature. With her sexy, petite figure she got an ass that is very much in demand. She also reveals her fresh shaved pussy. Really looks good on her as Melanie Gold can compete with the teens out there when it comes to freshness.

For a few minutes she finally shows off her huge fake titties that I think Melanie Gold’s best asset. You can see her nipples getting very hard as she is almost naked in the middle of a rainy session. Watch the view of her precious butt as this got closeup in front of the camera. It is a rainy season indeed and not only amateur girls can get horny, also these pornstars too. We can’t wait for Melanie Gold to remove her dress completely.

Melanie Gold got naked finally and you can finally see her amazing curves. She is too sexy for porn, just like a professional model. But you can see her big breasts all over the camera while giving us a seductive look from her eyes. This time she started to touch her pussylips and plays with it with her fingers. She even dances seductively like your fantasy stripper. Melanie Gold certainly wanted to seduce you making your cock real hard with this irresistible solo video.

You can see Melanie’s sexiness on various angles, thanks to the cameraman he did a great job supporting her with creative camera shots. Once she started to masturbate, the camera started to focus more on her shaved cunt. You will see her fingers going in and out of her wet slit. She started to sit on the floor and started to spread her lovely legs giving us a much greater view of her wet pussy. You can see Melanie is getting wet from there with this passionate masturbation and her body antics and her facial expression are priceless. She is getting shy in front of the camera after she secretes her first orgasm. But she was able to cope up giving us a naughty smile after that explosive orgasm.

After her first orgasm it sets the mood to obtain another one. Melanie Gold isn’t shy about it now in fact she didn’t care as you can see her fingering her pussy as fast as she can in closeup shot. She cherishes this moment as Melanie Gold soon finally reaches her second orgasm and that was satisfying. She even started to lick her own cum, putting her fingers on her mouth with satisfaction. It is a great ending indeed for this busty lady Melanie Gold.

Released: 11/17/2018
Tags: Babe Big Tits Brunette Hungarian Masturbation Outdoor Piercing Pornstar Pussy Fingering Solo
Glamorous pinup Melanie Gold playing with her sweet pussy
Late night are such a great moments especially for this glamour beauty named Melanie Gold. Since this girl is horny always, this 29 year old beauty from Romania will spend this night giving us a great stripping and masturbation show in front of the camera.

This European beauty is wearing her favorite white casual outfit, high heels and her black thong. Knowing her being frank and straight to the point, she immediately removed her white top revealing those rounded boobies. It may be enhanced but it looks great and succulent. We love how she unbutton her shirt seductively before she start groping on it with her magical hands.

Once her magnificent tits were on display she won’t stop fondling it with her right hand. Combined with that naughty look from her eyes we assure that you will keep drooling on this naked model. You can see Melanie Gold’s other hand reaches in on her black thong on her pussylips. She lay down on the wall and started feeling herself. You can see her warming it up as she is ready for a sensual play all alone by herself with both her hands simultaneously. Watch her as she remove her top completely giving us a complete view of her lovely titties.

Melanie Gold, now topless started to hold both her knockers passionately. You can see the next act coming up as she started to remove her black thong revealing her tight hole and her shaved cunt. You can see her amazing naked slender figure finally and soon started to pose flirtatiously in front of the camera. She even started to suck on her own fingers as she is getting ready to play with her amazing pussy.

She sits on her place as she fondles her shaved twat slowly. The camera started focuses on that hungry flower as she started to insert her finger slowly. Love to see her satisfied face afterwards as she enjoys every thrust she got with her own fingers. Next scene you can see Melanie Gold spreads her legs, her scrumptious legs which is definitely her asset and love to see her whole naked body in there. She spreads those legs wide revealing that tight tempting pussy getting ready to releases its pussy juices.

This hot chick’s favorite fucking position is doggystyle. You can see her doing that everytime on her hardcore videos. Here on this video she couldn’t control herself and wanted to do it here. She started to bend down her body giving us a nice view of her slender butt as she inserted her lubricated finger in there making her visibly wet. You can hear Melanie’s moan getting louder as she is not only getting wet but also anticipating her climax soon. She moves back on the sitting position and started to finger fuck her shaved pussy aggressively while giving us a naughty look from her eyes. Those fingers move faster and ever to the point that you can see her lovely boobies juggling with excitement. Enjoy seeing her getting her orgasm afterwards after minutes of playing with her pussy.

She kisses away in front of the camera to end this sensual masturbation video. Seeing Melanie Gold going back to basics are definitely a new thing for us. We rarely see her on that niche as she specializes on the hardcore, threesome and anal category. Nice to see this hottie going back to go solo on this video, it is a nice way to appreciate her complete beauty. She got a beautiful rack, nice booty and shaved pussy and seeing her pleasuring her wet pussy with her fingers is such a magical moment with this European pornstar. Watch out for more of this horny chick here on PornStreamLive.

Released: 07/28/2018
Tags: Babe Big Tits Brunette Hungarian Masturbation Piercing Pornstar Pussy Fingering Solo