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Pornstars / Kitana Lure

Kitana Lure Vital Stats
Height:  171 cm / 5'7"
Age:  28
Measurements:  37D-27-39
Hair Color:  Blonde
Eye Color:  Brown
Weight:  61kg / 134lbs
Nationality:  Russian
The seductive Kitana Lure was a blessing in the porn industry. She is currently rocking the business with her amazing hardcore videos as well as extreme ones such as anal and deep penetration. She debuted last 2014 when she is 24 years old, her start of the prime of her body. Born in Russia, this hot chick is making her name in the adult industry especially in the Europe. With her perfect beauty and her huge titties and maximum sexual desires, she surely got the potential to be one of the mainstream pornstars in the industry.

She started her career in a higher note. Back then Kitana loves doing sensual and passionate sex. She sports a brown hair on her first months of her career and she looks glamorous. Her scenes are mostly romantic, although there are few hardcore scenes over there can definitely carry a whole video. This brunette is fantastic and her body is the one to fuck for. Kitana Lure also done some solo and masturbation videos and she know how to work out on her precious goodies.

One of the thing she is most categorized is is on the big tits niche. Many love seeing those huge bumpers all over the video. Especially when it is juggling, it is satisfying to watch Kitana’s knockers. Many would love to hold or grope that especially her co working stars. With her features and her unique beauty, she had done a lot of videos from Babes, Reality Kings, Virtual Taboo and 21sextury. These gigs makes her mark in the industry and we’ve followed her ever since. The future is bright with this gorgeous woman.

Later she decided to dye her hair from brunette to blonde. Her skills haven’t changed at all but she is now more focused on hardcore especially in the anal sex niche. She loves anal so much she couldn’t get enough anal and double penetration videos to work on. Her aura has changed from sensual to a wild one. I think working in this adult industry unlocked her true self. She is a certified horny chick and we are not complaining.

This year 2018 over half of her films are all featured in the anal sex category. Yes that is her main niche nowadays as she gains popularity with that. There are a lot of videos that she was featured in the internet and you can search her for that. Despite working with some lesbian scenes and sex toys, she preferred a hard big man’s cock throbbing its way to her tight shaved pussy and her hungry gaping hole. This tall slender woman is the definition of anal sex that every anal lovers that are looking for. She really couldn’t get enough of cocks to fill all her holes.

If you wanted a new pornstar to follow, Kitana Lure is the woman you wanted to stalk on. She is just working in the porn industry for 4 years but did a lot of memorable extreme hardcore sex videos. She is not finished giving you the best possible anal and double penetration content that you wanted to store on your devices and watch in the future. Kitana is just starting yet. She is a superstar in the making here in the industry. Wished her all the best and hopefully she can continue working on the next videos in the next years. Hopefully one time she goes fully extreme by giving BDSM, femdom and fetish a try. For sure she can click on that niche as she is a master of taking cocks in her delicious gaping hole.

Kitana Lure Updates

Kitana Lure loves sex as her get out of jail free card
A policeman was roaming around when he saw this sexy brunette in her casual outfit taking pictures and selfies. Her name is Kitana Lure and obviously she is having a great time strolling around these gorgeous landmarks. Wearing her white jacket and jeans showing her cleavage, she was approached by this law enforcement and asked for her passport or a visa. Unfortunately she didn’t bring it along with her making her susceptible of something. The police called their embassy but unfortunately it is not open yet. He was unable to confirm her identity. Kitana Lure suggests if he can come to her room for him to see her passport just to confirm and be finish with it.

She goes in the hotel were she was staying and immediately presents her passport to this guy but unfortunately there is a problem. Kitana’s passport is just 1 month away for being expired, another serious violation as visiting the country, you need 6 months validity. She even rubbed the salt into the wound as she is getting desperate and offered bribe to this guy. This law enforcement were caught off guard by her action which infuriates him. Being dangerous now, Kitana Lure offered to get naked just for this guy to check her if she is really dangerous or carrying any weapons or drugs. She gets naked in front of him with no hesitation revealing her sexy naked body, big titties and shaved pussy.

The guy started to check this sexy girl as she bends over opening her legs wide and inserted his two fingers on her wet cunt. He even asked if her tits were real and offered a deal for her to get out of the messy situation. If he can take the money which she need or do what he said. She agreed to the latter as long as it isn’t hard. His first command is for her to get naked again and get down on her knees. She crawled slowly in front of the guy and asked if he can hold her tits and pinch her nipples. It was worth the risk and fortunately, she liked it based on her reactions.

The police guy took his cock out as she started titfucking that cock in POV. It is a great view especially in closeup seeing that huge tits rubbing that hard cock. Every man would love to experience that for sure. Watch her nipples getting hard as she is getting horny as well with this sensual titfuck. They changed position and this time Kitana Lure is laying at the chair, continuing their titfucking session. This unlocks their kinkiness as well as this corrupt police officer tied her hands on her back and makes her bend over in doggystyle position.

Watch her in doggystyle position as she is all tied up and we got a view of this brunette’s lovely butt as well. She took that big, thick cock pretty well and she love it as well. They changed position to missionary in the table. We got to see her tight trimmed clit and her perfect tits at the same time. Kitana Lure really got a great body to be proud of. It is a better view of her fucking her in this position. You can hear her moans also which brings music to our ears. Watch the camera goes into closeup and you can see her goes wet on their quickie sex session.

The next position is the best and it is a cowgirl. You are going to enjoy seeing her making the effort to satisfy her tight pussy with thick cock. From cowgirl then quickly to reverse as we got to see her tight asshole and her perfectly shaped ass. After this one you can see Kitana Lure’s flexibility as she raise both her legs upwards. They start fucking in a wild piledriver position. Her pussy really starts to get wet as you can hear it with every fuck she got deep inside her pussyhole. It all started with a sensual titfuck and ended with it. The guy releases all of his jizz on her chest. Therefore completing the get out of jail free card for Kitana Lure.

Released: 10/02/2018
Tags: Babe Big Tits Brunette Cumshot Piercing Pornstar POV Pussy Fingering Pussy Fuck Russian Titsjob
Short haired blonde Kitana Lure easily gets wet on anal sex
This exotic blonde beauty named Kitana Lure has something in store for us. I think we know what it is based on the title of this video. She hadn’t done that at first but who knows this may be her first time doing this on video. We can’t wait as she is about to get down and dirty with this lucky guy holding the camera. It is early in the morning as she is wearing her casual top and her very short shorts. They’ve talked about how Kitana Lure craves for some big cock to play with her mouth and her pussy. But first she set the mood by showing off her fresh privates in front of the camera.

She removed her top at first revealing her purple bra and her large boobs. Impressive for her sexy figure as she is knows how to work to be noticeable in the adult industry. Everybody love huge titties and she worked on it to get the big size that men wanted.  She finally removed her bra and finally shows the nakedness of her big tits. Her nipples looked fresh and it is really hard. Looks like she is exactly on the right mood to get down and dirty.

She laid down on the sofa and starts feeling her flower down there hiding inside her panties. It looks like she is ready for a hardcore session as she beg her partner if she can put his cock inside her mouth. Her wish is their command as she crawled on that cock and started to lubricate it with her pouty lips. She tried to push it down her throat. She makes it as sloppy as she can as that lucky cock gets super wet. Her saliva was all over her partner’s cock and also her face as she got slapped with that hard cock on both of her cheeks. You can see how she wanted to please her partner with that unforgettable sloppy blowjob.

Kitana Lure surprises her partner as she sits on that cock directly on her asshole. It is her first time doing that in front of the camera. Love to see her asshole getting nailed in a cowgirl position. Enjoy seeing her full naked body goes up and down with that cock. She really enjoys having anal sex, evidently with her loud moans and groans. This scene goes on and on and soon they shifted the position to missionary. It is a perfect position as her partner can see her huge tits and her exotic beauty while giving her the rough anal sex that she can get.

The best position and the camera angle is getting her screwed in spoon. You will see how dripping wet she is on that position despite the struggle to take that cock deep inside her butt. They change position quickly as they finally did Kitana’s favorite position. That is the doggystyle position!

If she wanted to devour that cock inside her butthole, the piledriver position is the best one. Enjoy seeing her getting screwed deep inside her gaping hole. Anal sex lovers would love to see that gaping hole in closeup. That is how she can take that thick cock deep inside her asshole nowadays. Hope this is not the last anal sex video we can watch with Kitana Lure.

Kitana Lure finishes the session by giving him a POV blowjob and handjob. She begged for him to cum straight inside her mouth. Kitana is a cum hungry whore and she didn’t waste those man’s jizz as she plays with it by gargling it. She immediately swallowed it all finishing this half hour hardcore video with a bang!

Released: 07/22/2018
Tags: Anal Babe Big Tits Blonde Blowjob Cum In Mouth Deepthroat Pornstar Russian Titsjob