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Pornstars / Donna Bell

Donna Bell Vital Stats
Height:  170 cm / 5'7"
Age:  29
Measurements:  38D-27-38
Hair Color:  Blonde
Eye Color:  Green
Weight:  48kg / 106lbs
Nationality:  Romanian
When it comes to overall hotness, Donna Bell is a perfect chick to describe for. This Caucasian hottie is a proud product of Romania, the country which is a good producer of gorgeous pornstars in the industry. She is a perfect fantasy for the men and women out there. Born last August 11, 1988, this gorgeous blonde started her porn career last year 2007 when she was 18 years old. She met a producer in Budapest and recruited her not only because of her pretty face but also her big titties.

Not only this blonde is endowed with a big rack and is also bootylicious. Her big butt is always a highlight on her solo and hardcore videos. She is been successful on her career that time as she unleashes her skills on this industry based on her experience in real life. Those skills made her popular and gained a lot of fans and followers.

With her skillset it caught the attention of the studio producers and directors. She was a guest in some of the best film productions in the world. That includes 21 Sextury, DDF, Brazzers and PRIVATE. It is a nice lineup for a pornstar and if you are in the list we are sure that your fame will be sky high. Just like Donna Bell here as she definitely got popular after those gigs.

Donna Bell’s work ethic is amazing and all of her videos and movies are a production of her passion. She loves what she do and crave to be the best in every niches she is in. She put her heart into it and gives the ultimate experience for her loyal fans. Approaching MILF category nowadays, she surely can’t be stopped and still producing quality videos.

Glamour beauty is what we totally describe this seductive blonde as she is always looks hot on every sexy, skimpy outfit she put on. When she is only wearing lingerie you can see her nakedness that will definitely caught you off guard and make you stare at it all day long. You can’t imagine what it is like to be when she gets naked. You will be amaze on how perfect she is especially if you love these chicks with big boobs and butt. She maintains her nipple color throughout her career and her shaved pussy is still tight as ever. She can definitely compete with the younger ones in this industry.

When it comes to butt it is a different story. She is bootylicious, no question about that but what we love about her is she knows how to flaunt it in front of the camera. Whether it is solo teasing to masturbation or hardcore pictures and videos, she knows how to give us a view of her best asset. Her partners in her hardcore videos always prefer screwing her in doggystyle and reverse cowgirl. They both love to see and squeeze that ass while they are fucking this horny chick.

Donna Bell is the perfect example of a blonde pornstar that did her mark out there. That is why there are a lot of pornstars nowadays who are into glamorous beauty. Men love these kinds of babes who are into porn. These pretty chicks like her are always craving for pussies or cocks. It is for their mouths or their cunts and their assholes are definitely unbelievable. This kind of beauty is definitely trending since the last two decades.

There are a lot of videos to watch out for for this beautiful blonde Donna Bell. Mark her on your list of the videos to watch or fap. It is worth your time seeing the magic Donna did since 2007. She is still featured on hardcore videos now in MILF category so bookmark her now and enjoy the show.

Donna Bell Updates

Wet and wild carwash girl Donna Bell fingering her pussy inside the car
Donna Bell is one of those blonde pornstars that love to please the guys the most. She is kinda boyish in real life but a real hottie and a horny babe when it comes to her work or in front of the camera. Most of her videos if we can remember are men’s common fantasies and she loves doing it all over again. That is why on her latest solo video Donna incorporated cars this time. She knows guys digs cars especially sports cars just like this one. Watch out as she is about to do something naughty with it.

She got bored and instead of going out for a shopping, she started to tease us first by going outside and posing in the car. Wearing her perfect sexy dress and high heels, she decided to surprise us by removing her panties as she is about to do something naughty. That is stripteasing in front of the camera outdoors. She is beside her newly bought white car and soon gave us a signal by that naughty look from her eyes.

This horny blonde is wearing her favorite backless dress and you can see upskirt her perfect butt. Yes she is not wearing any panties and you can see both of her privates. She loves to do a teasing dance showing her butt before she goes in front of the camera giving us a peek of her shaved pussy. She loves to show off her huge butt with her tempting dancing as she immediately showed it in front of the camera.

Donna Bell opened the car door afterwards as we focus now on her huge tits. She got a nice deliciously looking nipples and a mole between her chest. You can stare at it all day as she teasingly gropes it by herself and squeezes it. We love her facial expression while she does this stuff and you can’t resist staring at it all day. Donna Bell knows how to work on her boobs to make it looks more delicious.

Soon you will see her dancing seductively in front of the camera. With her huge titties all over on her upper body and her shaved pussy at the bottom. She also loves to work on that butt, presenting it as if she loves to getting slapped on her ass cheeks.  She finally removes her dress altogether finally. You will see her naked curves that you will remember for the rest of your life. That naked body is probably one of the best thing we have ever seen for a pornstar that is why she isn’t shy of showing all of it even outdoors.

Donna Bell even sits on it as she spreads her legs giving us a view of her pussylips. We can see her doing this all day in front of the camera. With her naughty, tempting look from her face we know there is something more. She is planning something that she hadn’t done before, masturbating inside the car.

Donna starts sitting on the ground and it is a great view of her luscious pussy. She won’t waste any time as after she caresses her pussylips. This blonde started to finger poke her pussyhole slowly while groping her own tits. Love to finally hear her moan in satisfaction as you can see her getting wet in the process. It didn’t take long for her to cum as you can hear her moans getting louder after a quick finger fuck from herself. Love how she gorgeously did that in front of the camera with class. It is a great way to finish off her solo masturbation video.

Released: 06/18/2018
Tags: Babe Big Tits Blonde Masturbation Outdoor Pornstar Pussy Fingering Romanian Solo