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Rosaline Love likes ‘em rough

Rosaline Love's diary

This scene found us gazing at the gorgeous Rosaline Love as she started things off doing a strip tease in her tight leather pants and a sexy red top. As her ass moved back and forth our man for the day, Dominic Cross could barely contain himself imagining pumping that pussy with his huge cock. Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and comes in to the scene to help her speed things up. It wasn’t long before Dominic had her on her back and lapping at her pussy which was already soaking wet with the thought of getting pounded by Dominic and his enormous dick.

Dominic ravaged her pussy with his tongue, pumping in and out and making her moan in pleasure as he flicked her clit and finger fucked her until she was gasping and about to cum. At that moment Dominic takes his fingers soaked in her juices and shoves them into her mouth. Rosaline greedily sucked at his fingers before moving on to his dick allowing him to fuck her face and shove his cock deep into her throat.


This sexy pair wasted no time moving on to hardcore fucking as Rosaline took Dominic’s cock into her pussy. Staring up at him we could see the desire in her eyes as he pounded in and out of her in multiple positions. With each thrust of his dick her eyes got wider and her moans became more pronounced. Rosaline wanted a turn on top and for a few moments flipped Dominic on his back to ride him hard before allowing him to take her again. We watched as he fucked her harder and harder before accepting her pleas to cum on her face and instead cumming all over her delicious tits. Rosaline finished the scene by giving his cum a taste and smiling for the camera. Now that’s how you make porn!

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Rosaline Love