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Pornstars / Nathasa Sweet

Nathasa Sweet Vital Stats
Height:  172 cm / 5'8"
Age:  25
Measurements:  35C-27-39
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Brown
Weight:  49kg / 108lbs
Nationality:  Romanian
Some of your might not recognize her but that’s okay. We understand as this girl isn’t that really active on creating awesome porn videos. So a little introduction coming from us will definitely help. Her name is Natasha Sweet, one of the rare European adult stars that secretly gave us high quality porn videos. Most of the videos she did were very passionate and sensual. She is definitely lit when it comes to these romantic sex videos. Her whole niche is mostly passionate and this woman is a huge fan of it. That is why she is such a rare species as it is not usual for an adult star to produce only for this amazing category.

In fact when you search her name in Google she is nowhere to be found. This girl is definitely one of a kind and first thing we wanted to point out is her beauty. She got that exotic beauty that most men will definitely love. Her pouty lips are one of the finest traits she has. You wanted to see those lips all over her partner’s cock and trust us, watching her do that is very satisfying. Just refer to her first video here at Pornstreamlive. You can see what we are talking about.

Next thing we wanted to discuss is her perfect body. Her sexy curves are definitely one of the best in our opinion. We always looking forward seeing her getting naked on every video she is in. We can’t help but drool on that amazing body. If we think about it, she can compete with most of the professional models out there. Overall, Natasha Sweet is a perfect example of a fantasy both as a woman you want to get in bed or a perfect girlfriend to spend your day mostly together.

Want to know why she can be the sexual fantasy that you will look for? Just look at her flawless goodies. First thing we wanted to mention are her perky titties. Not the typical big ones you can see on most of her pornstars, she is pure natural. She is proud to bare those tits and you will notice that it always hard. It is amazing to see that Natasha Sweet is always in the mood whenever she performs. She is just being real.

Her best asset in our opinion, is her fresh pink pussy. She did a good job maintaining its freshness. Natasha Sweet easily gets wet just with foreplay and imagine if she is getting cunnilingus down there. She will be soaking wet! Getting a cock to fuck will probably drip or squirt those precious pussy juices. Natasha Sweet pussy is actually pink and you can’t help but notice it whenever she is getting into action.

Now that she is finally here! We love seeing you guys discover these rare gems that deserve praise and we think Natasha Sweet is one of them. Her sexual passion and the combination of her beauty and her tempting body and luscious goodies are too much! Enjoy watching this European adult star getting into action only here in Pornstreamlive.

Nathasa Sweet Updates

Sexy Natasha Sweet romantic sex late at night

When it comes to passionate lovemaking, nothing beats this horny babe named Natasha Sweet. She may be sweet at first especially with her lover but when she gets into her naughty mood you know she is going to be on fire especially here with Amir on the scene. She is wearing her usual shirt and wearing only her black thong. You can see how her partner’s hands already caressing her wet pussy. You can see that from far away that she is soaking wet. That is how horny Natasha Sweet is.

You can see this hottie is already feeling his hands as he rubs his hands non-stop on her lovely cunt. That prompts Natasha Sweet to unzip Amir’s pants and hold that cock. She jack it off slowly but surely and soon you can see her tits and her erect nipples. She rubs that cock on it before tasting it with her mouth. You can see how unique this chick’s blowjob is as she let her tongue lick the head of that cock as well as her pouty lips. She really was all over that cock and you can see how hungry she is for that lucky thick meat. Natasha Sweet spreads her legs wide as she let Amir taste her precious cunt. You can see how fresh and pink her shaved pussy is and seeing her already dripping wet. After a few minutes of cunnilingus cutscene continues and she was already having sex in doggystyle position. This is a perfect position for this lovely bitch. The reason is not only you can see her gorgeous face but also you can see her perfect curves and her perky tits and hard nipples. Those hard nipples are really something to watch out for and we can’t stop staring on it. We are pretty sure you guys love those as well.

Her reaction when getting her pussy in action in doggystyle is really priceless and we can watch it all day! Natasha Sweet possesses such a unique beauty that really is satisfying to see. Watching her orgasmic faces while taking that cock is a must see. The camera angle changed and here we can see how gorgeous her butt is. She gives all the effort as she keeps pumping on that cock. Seeing her wet pussy getting all the meat is such a great view. Every fresh pussy deserves a big cock to fuck and Natasha Sweet started getting nailed hard and fast. Her epic orgasms reactions plus her gorgeous face is a rare combination.

The couple paused their session as Natasha Sweet wants to taste that big meat again. Love how she licks his shaft as well as his balls as her mouth was all over that dick. You can see the talents of her tongue as well as her thick lips brushing on that cock. She wants that to stay hard that way as she do all the work by getting fucked again this time in reverse cowgirl position. Natasha Sweet spread her legs wide and the cameraman gives us a closeup shot of her clit getting busy receiving that thick cock. This position becomes unique as she keep fucking her partner sideways. She turn her back and changed their position in cowgirl. We would love to be in Amir’s shoes this time as her overall beauty and nakedness are a great view while she works on top.

That position was quick as both starts to fuck in missionary position with her legs spread wide. Natasha Sweet keeps licking her fingers and you can see that she wanted Amir to release all of his cum. Once Amir started to screw that shaved cunt as fast as he can he releases his hot jizz all over Natasha Sweet’s body, ending it with a bang! She couldn ‘t wait to taste her partner cum as she taste some of it, licking his dick and spreads her cum all over her sexy naked body.

Released: 12/08/2018
Tags: Babe Blowjob Brunette Cumshot Natural Tits Pornstar Pussy Fuck Pussy Licking Romanian Small tits