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Pornstars / Julia De Lucia

Julia De Lucia Vital Stats
Height:  166 cm / 5'5"
Age:  27
Measurements:  34C-24-37
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Brown
Weight:  54kg / 119lbs
Nationality:  Spanish
If we are talking about a tall, slender chick with unique beauty, the first babe that comes into our mind is this Latina hottie Julia De Lucia. She is a perfect description of a Latina you wanted to get in bed. With a great body, big fake tits and perfect booty, she defines the perfect pornstar that you wanted to fantasize or fuck. She was born in Romania, the home that produces a lot of famous pornstars. Although born in that country, she relocated to Spain immediately after working for porn and started to work there. She also worked in other European countries such as France, Germany, etc.

She started her porn career last October 28, 2010. One of the facts about this Latina babe was found by one of the popular porn actress named Salma De Nora. Since her discovery she doesn’t stop getting featured in some of the popular producers. That gigs included working for Evil Angel, Marc Dorcel and King Magma films. That strengthens her portfolio and making her popular that time.

Not only she starred on the producers that make her popular but also on the genres she is doing. Besides hardcore and Latina categories, Julia De Lucia got extreme as she and her booty always working on anal scenes, BDSM and extreme hardcore. Imagine this slender chick with perfect sexy body getting down and dirty on every scene she is working into. She loves it especially when having sex on her gaping hole. It is satisfying to see her plump ass getting the huge cocks that it deserves. We would love to see her on the future taking two cocks at the same time. Double Penetration as those porn lovers would say.

Besides her butt, Julia De Lucia also possesses great enhanced titties. Her nipples are also mouth watering as she also got the pinkish nipples that every man will crave for. In every opportunity to watch Julia’s videos we are always looking for her butt and her pink nipples. We couldn’t stop but admire her precious privates. Not to mention her huge tattoo on her lower back right side of her hip. Her tattoo is a huge flower. Really fits on her barenaked body.

One of the underrated genres that she always do is she loves jizz! Yeah you got that right. She got in a lot of facial, cumshot and creampie scenes on her portfolio. Not only she wanted to please the guys especially her partners but she is also fond of the man’s juice getting into her face, mouth, pussy or her butt. That is how nasty this Latina is! Her work is her passion and she really is getting serious on her job. She is making her name in this industry and she deserves a huge applause on her dedication on her job and to please her fans and followers.

Another niche she is getting into is bondage or BDSM. Pain and pleasure are currently Julia’s motto. Getting hurt and pleasure while having sex at the same time with kinky sex toys. That really makes her happy. That is how all around this Spanish chick is as she can get sensual or kinky on different niches. No effort at all and all her acting and her making love, sexual activities comes natural out of her body and her personality.

Julia De Lucia is a perfect definition of a hot and horny pornstar. Watch out for more of her here in PornStreamLive as we got a lot of videos of her. See her getting please by huge cocks on either her trimmed cunt or her gaping hole.

Julia De Lucia Updates

Julia De Lucia shows off her deepthroat skills
Your day is going to be a great day when you find a gorgeous slender woman Julia De Lucia tempting you at your house. She is at the penthouse wearing blue dress showing her amazing sexy body. She also got a sweet cute face baiting you to stare at her especially when she shows off her naughty smile. Loves how she started immediately as she knows herself and her partner what they wanted that day. She started to give us a teasing upskirt shot as she shows her back in front of the camera and started to reveal her best private part. That is her perfectly shaped butt!

Julia De Lucia is wearing a white thong underneath and she couldn’t stop giving us a view of her booty. That is one of the reasons why we enjoy watching her videos as she knows that every viewer would love to see that ass first before going into action. She even gives us a glimpse of her cool huge tattoo. It is a flower and can be found on her lower back right side. Such a perfect location as it fits her slender body with a view of her plump rear.

Just in time Julia started to show off her front for a while as she removes her dress altogether. You can see how gifted she is with her sexy body and her tempting goodies. Yes it is tempting even with her white lingerie on. She goes back bending over her body this time wearing only her underwear and teases us once again with her perfectly shaped booty. This Latina soon started to removes her bras and panties one by one giving us finally a stunning view of her naked body.

Can’t help but to adore her enhanced big tits but her hard pink nipples is a different story. It is one of the pinkish nipples we have ever seen. We also got a great view of her trimmed pussy and it looks so tight. Julia De Lucia knows how to present her cunt well by spreading her legs wide in front of the camera. After few minutes of teasing, she and the cameraman talked about her sex life and how she wanted a huge cock for her to play that day. Being a generous one, who wouldn’t deny this hottie’s wish as the cameraman shows off her huge dick in front of her as she knelt down and started to give him a blowjob.

Love seeing this hot Latina work on that cock. She even started to lick her partner’s balls already while jerking it making it huge as soon as possible. The blowjob started to get wilder as time passes by as she tried to deepthroat that cock as deep. She even started to gag which she liked by the way. From there it goes from a sensual to a sloppy one. That prompts the two to start to lick their privates at the same time in the 69 position.

Enjoy seeing this girl lick and suck on that cock in the 69 position. Her moans added some satisfaction. She loves getting licked down there and she keeps on deepthroating that cock to give back to her partner. She even requested to fuck her in her mouth as she lay down in the bed waiting for her partner’s dick to mouth fuck her. Watch how she started to deepthroat that lucky shaft effortlessly.

The next scene is probably the best and you rarely see this position. Her partner started to carry her upside down as he licked her trimmed clit. While Julia is giving him a wet blowjob. Yeah that is right, a blowjob in a standing position and we love how she gave the best head in a weird but satisfying position. She really deserves a huge cumshot as she requested to fill it on her mouth. Julia goes back kneeling in front of him and finally catches that huge load inside her mouth. Look on how Julia De Lucia immediately swallows all that jizz with a naughty satisfied look from her face.

Released: 08/09/2018
Tags: Babe Blowjob Brunette Cum In Mouth Deepthroat Pornstar POV Romanian Tattooed
Busty Julia De Lucia begs for cum to swallow
Tattooed Latina beauty Julia De Lucia was at her bedroom alone and bored. She invited the cameraman to film her as she is in the mood for some sexual teasing. She was wearing her fancy clothes, a polka dots dress and a white skirt. Being a blowjob addict you can see how she is excited to give a blowjob later on as she licks her fingers seductively. Julia didn’t waste any time as she unveils her polka dots bras and thong revealing her tattoo at the back and her plump butt. Being a naughty girl she keeps on licking her fingers before she starts removing her undies one by one.

Julia De Lucia removed her bras at first and you will see one of the best tits that you will ever see in this industry. She is definitely proud of it and loves how she presented it in front of the camera. One thing we love what we are seeing afterwards is how she wiggle her butt. Yes she keeps on doing that in front of the camera in closeup. This Latina hottie did that while seductively looking in front of the camera. She is so tempting and the way she looks it looks like she is inviting you tap that fat ass.

She lay down on the bed and shows off her beautiful tits and her erect nipples with the top view. This lovely chick keeps on teasing, sucking her fingers like a real cock before she slowly insert it inside her panties. She started to caress her pussy with her hands before going back to her amazing boobies, groping it naughtily. This girl really wanted a cock based on her gestures and she deserves it. That is why she can’t take it anymore and started to seduce the cameraman as she frankly told him that she is hungry for some dick. Who wouldn’t deny this horny princess’ request?

She knelt down in front of the cameraman and started to suck that cock as deep as she can. Wow with that little mouth she can deepthroat that cock with a little effort. That is how talented she is when giving a sloppy head. That is Julia De Lucia’s specialty! She started strong before the blowjob gets rough as she sucks it as fast as she can. You can see how this naughty babe devours that huge cock with her mouth. She even uses her tongue to lick the tip of the cock for additional sensation. Yes she can multitask especially on blowjobs like this.

Imagine spending you cock 10-15 minutes drilling on Julia De Lucia’s mouth. It is a definitely a fantasy came true especially seeing her doing it in POV. Watch this girl started from being sensual to wild to a hungry whore, seems like she wanted this guy to cum to satisfy her thirst. You can see how eager she is to give this guy the best blowjob experience a pornstar can give. Seems like Julia De Lucia is enjoying every second of it, she is a pleaser and wanted to pleasure guys with her unbelievable blowjob skills. We even enjoy her moan and grasp for air and gag as she make it the sloppiest as she can for this guy to cum. She wanted to fill her mouth with his huge amount of load.

Watch this horny lady finally getting what she wanted as she jerked that cock as fast as she can pointing it inside her mouth. Julia De Lucia sticks her tongue out and didn’t waste a single drop. She sucked all the jizz that she can get before playing it naughtily inside her mouth. Watch her as she didn’t hesitate to swallow it all, and told her guy that it was yummy. What a perfect pornstar experience!

Released: 03/20/2018
Tags: Babe Big Tits Blowjob Brunette Cum In Mouth Pornstar POV Romanian Tattooed