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Pornstars / Electra Wild

Electra Wild Vital Stats
Height:  170 cm / 5'7"
Age:  29
Measurements:  38D-27-38
Hair Color:  Blonde
Eye Color:  Blue
Weight:  48kg / 106lbs
Nationality:  Hungarian
This blonde got a intoxicating beauty that everyone will definitely remember. Electra Wild is sure loves to go wild at bed on her rough or extreme hardcore videos. This blonde is nonstop when it comes to her scenes and she got a lot of reserved energy to bring the best porn video ever. Her face exudes exotic beauty that will definitely mark in every man’s head. Just by watching her getting playful at first before going wild in front of huge cocks are satisfying to watch.

Despite her thick frame comes with her perfect sexy body. You will wonder how this girl comes up with a beautiful body that is worth looking and watching for. Just like when she is about to start getting into action. You can watch her firm natural tits and her luscious shaved pussy. You will also notice how hard her pink nipples can be when she is in the right mood. That is why her partners usually loves licking and sucking those areolas like it is their last chance. We rarely see a pornstar like this doing her work like it is a real stuff as she easily gets horny and always looking for orgasms.

Tattoos are probably one of the requirements for a hot pornstar like Electra Wild. She got a sweet flower tattoo right on her tummy. Mostly you can see hot chicks have tattooed sleeves and on their lower back. But Electra Wild’s is not that bad. She makes it look good on her perfect body. Enjoy watching her getting naked not only you can see how cool her tattoos are. Her naked body is such a complete package for men.

We mentioned before that her nipples are always hard but she easily gets wet down into her shaved pussy. That is right that is how horny this nympho blonde is. It is easy for her lesbian partners to screw her pussy with sex toys and those well hung studs with huge cocks.  She is also noisy on bed. Not that kind of annoying. Her orgasms are definitely real. Just by hearing her legit moans and screams when she is about to cum is such a therapeutic music to our ears. Not to mention her gorgeous face when she is about to cum.

Despite getting easily wet on her shaved cunt, she is a certified anal sex lover. She got a huge collection of hardcore videos of her getting fuck right into her tight gaping hole. Guys love to see that body in doggystyle as she is also blessed with a plump butt. That is why her partners love to spank her hard while screwing her in doggy. Her favorite position is cowgirl. She wanted to showcase her whole naked body and her epic orgasmic faces while getting up and down on her partner. But most of her partners wanted to see her getting fucked in doggystyle. That amazing body when bending over is a picture perfect moment.

Electra Wild always wanted to give the best hardcore sex video ever for her fans and her loyalists. She can do it all and people are looking forward seeing her in extreme, BDSM scenes in the future. You really can’t go wrong searching for her and giving her the opportunity to perform in front of you. That is why all of her videos she wanted to finish the session with a huge exclamation point. That is to swallow man’s juice. She admitted she loves playing with cum on her mouth first. Gargle it and slid it down into her throat, satisfying her nasty appetite.

Electra Wild Updates

Electra Wild goes wild at bed
It is a great day for Electra Wild and her partner as the latter got promoted in work. That is why Electra surprises him after he got home by wearing her black lingerie. They cannot wait for each other to make love and started the session at the sofa in the living room. Both are really passionate especially the kissing and soon her partner started to unbutton her outfit revealing those big natural tits. You can see her own nipples getting hard while her guy plays on her shaved pussy inside her thong.

This blonde bombshell lay down on the sofa as her partner removes her thong. You can see how she is begging for the guy to lick her shaved pussy. She loves every second of that tongue outside of her pussylips and her wet clit. Electra later asked for his two fingers to finger fuck her hard making her so wet. Hear her moan louder and dirty talking to her partner telling him as she wanted to return the favor.

Finally got to see Electra Wild in POV as she unzips the man’s pants and started to hold that big cock. She started to work on getting that cock hard with that satisfying wet blowjob and you can see her trying hard to devour it inside her mouth. Love to see this babe’s submissive eyes while she is giving him a head. It becomes hard as ever they immediately proceed on their main mission, to have sex.

Both started their sex session in the old school missionary position but it is a great scene especially seeing her face and hearing her moan. The soon they progresses you can see Electra Wild getting wild as she sticks out her tongue to tease her partner, begging for him to fuck her harder.

Next position is everyone’s favorite, the cowgirl position. Enjoy the scene seeing her fine butt getting bouncy.  She keeps on staring naughtily in front of the camera while getting fucked before focusing on her guy. They shifted the position to reverse cowgirl but now with a twist! As her guy started to insert it inside her butthole. We didn’t know that Electra Wild did anal sex until now so this is a new stuff for us. It is a delight to see her butthole turns into gaping hole with that lucky cock. Electra Wild keeps on pumping her hips as hard as she could to obtain her orgasms.

Electra gets wilder on their session with the evidence of her getting noisy in the room. She couldn’t stop being on top of her guy as she loves this position not only with the pleasure that she is getting. She also wanted to showcase her beautiful body and her fresh goodies in front of her man.

They finally changed their position in spoon position giving us a view of her amazing tattoos and her big tits and shaved cunt.  Not to mention her tight asshole getting stretch wide. You can hear her getting super wet especially in the doggystyle position as her pussy juices gets visible. Electra Wild sure is struggling to take that whole thick cock but she is loving it. The pain and pleasure that she gets for every stroke of that dick inside her butt was great for her.

This blonde Electra Wild is a cum addict and you can see evidently here that she keeps on begging for her man’s juice for her cum appetite. She proceeds on giving him a head once again. She gives him a sloppy wet blowjob before she sticks her tongue out in front of that dick. Electra Wild is waiting for her partner to cum inside her mouth.

Watch her gets all of it until the last drop and she plays it inside her mouth. She shows it in front of the camera before swallowing it all.

Released: 04/06/2018
Tags: Anal Babe Big Butt Big Tits Blonde Blowjob Cum In Mouth Hungarian Piercing Pornstar Pussy Fuck Tattooed