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Pornstars / Diana Dolce

Diana Dolce Vital Stats
Height:  160 cm/5'3'
Age:  23
Measurements:  34B-25-34
Hair Color:  brown
Eye Color:  blue
Weight:  46kg/101lbs
Nationality:  Hungarian
If you ran out of pornstars to research for you to add on your follow list, Diana Dolce is definitely worth following for. Born in Hungary, this European hottie sure takes her pictures and her videos to another level with her incredibly amount of beauty. We tagged her as one of the beautiful European pornstars ever. You want a proof? Just watch her on her video or observe her naked pictures. We guarantee you that she is definitely a complete package. You won’t regret seeing her videos here in PornstreamLive featuring herself and lots of hot babes. She loves getting one on one with them, even a threesome or a group sex. As long as it involves pussy licking and toying with dildos.

This Hungarian petite caught our eyes for the first time as we got to watch this lady getting frisky and playful with her solo, masturbation videos. Her small, perky tits are and her pink nipples are worth the look and you will crave for them once you got to see her in action on her videos. She also has a fantastic shaved pussy that every man would love to fuck. Just by seeing her doing her own lesbian stuff is just as satisfying as it can especially seeing her all naked in a seductive way.

She is proud to be lesbian and will remain lesbian at heart. She appreciates the beauty of the woman’s creation and just like the guys she really loves to please. The beautiful women whom she had worked with really enjoy having a scene with her. All of her making love moments come natural and she knows how to please them using only her fingers and her tongue. What more is she is obsessed also with sex toys and love to use them whether it is a long one or a thick one. Diana also loves the scissor position and she really likes the opportunity to rub her own pussy with another pussy. She also loves using double dildo and will get the opportunity everytime this kind of sex toy is available on the set.

With that we mentioned to you her obsession with sex toys. She admitted she hate it at first but gave it a shot especially those huge vibrators and she loves it. She easily can get her multiple orgasms in a few minutes compared with her fingers. That is why she gets satisfied seeing these sex toys drilling into her partner’s cunt. She wanted to share how much she enjoyed these things. Diana Dolce just wanted to see her lesbian partner’s epic orgasmic faces. Combined with her own expression, we are so sure that you’ll get more what you can asked for with these gorgeous ladies.

Speaking of orgasms, this petite babe knows how to use her fingers as well. There are solo videos of her pleasuring her own shaved pussy with her hands. She knows how to present herself with petite body wearing sexy dress our outfits. She knows man and woman will crave for her fresh privates that she is hiding. This seductress once she touches her perky tits and her shaved pussy you know what it is coming. When she gets her multiple orgasms she won’t stop and even bring in her favorite sex toy. She just loves getting her orgasms.

You can found her on a ton of masturbation and lesbian sex videos. She loves to partner with some of the well known European pornstars and she really fit the lesbian category. With the combination of herself together with the wild ones sure she can get competitive. She surely can get her lesbian partners gets wild with their orgasms as well as Diana Dolce herself.

Diana Dolce Updates

Glamorous Aida Sweet and Diana Dolce making out at the pool
Glamorous babe Aida Sweet was in the pool wearing her high heels and a black bathrobe. She plans on swimming that night and she dips her sexy, clean feet while she watch porn in the LCD TV. The beautiful Diana Dolce butted in wearing her sexy red outfit and she proceed to kiss Aida. Diana makes a move first by removing Aida’s bra revealing her yummy boobies. She started to lick Aida’s nipples much to her delight. She started to tease her by playing with her pussy with her hands. Diana Dolce sensed that she is already wet and helped her by alternately licking her lovely cunt and her nipples.

These two fuck buddies are passionate when it comes to this. You can see their lips touched every once in a while. But Diana Dolce keeps on undressing Aida Sweet’s outfit making her fully naked. Aida returned the favor by giving her a nipple licking of her own. She is horny as well and she let Aida immediately removed her black thong after she spanked her smooth skinned ass cheeks. Diana wanted Aida to get wet as soon as possible as she resumed on giving her a sensual cunnilingus. Watch her tongue as she lick it up and down on her pussylips on closeup.

Diana Dolce started to finger fuck Aida’s shaved pussy as hard as she can while she licks on her pink nipples. She keeps on doing that until we see Aida shivering into her first orgasm. Such a sight to see this scene and you can see that it is not a real one, not a fake one.  Aida knows that her friend is a pleaser and soon as both gets naked they proceed on doing the 69 position with Diana on top. You can see how Aida wanted to return the favor with her friend’s effort by aggressively licking her cunt from the bottom. But Diana Dolce was the aggressive one so far giving her a mix of tongue, fingers and hands to pleasure her tight snatch.

She surprised Aida as she brings her red dildo and started to use it on Aida’s pussy. You can see how Aida enjoys not only her orgasmic face. You can also see her pussy as you can see her pussy juices all over the red dildo. After licking her own cum she proceeds on using it back on Diana’s pink cunt. She inserted it teasingly and slowly while she aggressively plays with her clit.

She asked Diana to bend over her body in a doggystyle position and started to dildo fuck her aggressively. You can see how squishy Diana’s pussy is as she already got multiple orgasms because of this. You can hear her moans getting louder once Aida Sweet started to lick and eat her pussy. Aida never stopped on pleasuring Diana as she wanted to let her obtain her multiple orgasms as well.

Both of these horny chicks finally use their favorite sex toy.  A thick double dildo! Aida Sweet and Diana Dolce isalready using it and both are getting the pleasure. Aida was on top and enjoys seeing her gorgeous, luscious body goes up and down while Diana’s pussy getting fucked also. You can see them doing it slowly at first. Once these two is about to cum you can see their hips getting faster as both finally reached their orgasm. They let their pussy juices explode on their double dildo.

Released: 06/09/2018
Tags: Babe Brunette Dildo Hungarian Kissing Lesbian Masturbation Natural Tits Piercing Pornstar Pussy Fingering Pussy Licking Romanian Tattooed