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Pornstars / Anina Silk

Anina Silk Vital Stats
Height:  155cm/5'1'
Age:  21
Measurements:  34A-23-33
Hair Color:  brown
Eye Color:  brown
Weight:  47kg/103lbs
Nationality:  Hungarian
If ever you are wondering if there is a petite, slender babe packaged with cuteness in this porn industry, nothing can beat this lovely chick Anina Silk. Just like a young, newcomer teens in this industry, Anina Silk looks like one of them. She started last 2014 and still looks great especially seeing her fresh goodies getting revealed in front of the camera. Her cute face is just a cherry on the top situation as watching her will makes you wonder why the hell is this adorable cutie was doing in this wild business of porn industry.

This babe was born in Hungary on the date of July 1, 1996. Just when she was at her legal age she immediately joined this industry. She got a lot of aliases such as Tina Fox, Natasha Curle, Anina S but this current one Anina Silk fits right in the bill. This naughty girl immediately developed her adult portfolio and she shines through her lesbian videos category. She personally loves pussy and loves to play, taste, lick and finger it whoever her partner is. After some few lesbian gigs she went straight to the hardcore niche.

Just when you thought Anina Silk is exclusively for lesbian niche you are wrong. She actually did a great job from her transition of lesbian to boy and girl sex videos. This brunette also does group sex, threesome, outdoor sex as well as extreme categories such as fisting, gangbang and teasing niches such as solo and sex toys. Most of her videos are worth seeing and spending your money seeing this unbelievable hottie is definitely worth it.

In just two years, Anina Silk managed to build her portfolio. She became well known especially in Europe not only with her beautiful face of hers and her perfect body. But she also uses her slender figure and her flexibility on every scene that she is participating. Yes that is her specialty that is why many men follow her as she is a package full of surprises.

She admitted she is a bisexual in real life and that didn’t come as a surprise. Besides her love for the cocks she also did a great job pleasuring lots of pussy especially on her lesbian and threesome videos. Most of her scenes there she acts like a natural one with no effort. She appreciates the beauty of the women and just like the guys she has an urge of pleasuring them also.

She loves the tits and their tight holes and will do everything to get their orgasms. Whether her tongue or her fingers or her few collection of sex toys. Anina Silk will do anything to please her lesbian partners. What more to those lucky studs she have worked with. She will do anything to give them the best porn shoot they have with her fresh goodies and tight holes. Anina Silk can take a huge cock not only on her shaved pussy but also on her gaping hole. She loves getting her backdoor stretched wide as hell.

Anina has been active for 3 to 4 years and ranked 500ish on the Freeones website. She is a rare gem that have a little exposure but once she gets a break especially in the mainstream sure she will be more popular. She also got few tattoos on her neck and her back and she never have any enhancement surgeries. This sexy brunette is all natural!

If you want to see more her recent ones make sure to check her Twitter page as she is active there. She has her own blog and make sure to follow her and to get updates. You never know what this beauty will do next on her next hardcore gig.

Anina Silk Updates

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Aida Sweet and her best friend are attending their swimming session late at night. They weren’t able to attend to their normal schedule because of work. That is why they asked the swimming trainer if they schedule a special session late night at the weekend. Luckily they were able to get to reserve the pool for both of them.

Both of this beautiful women arrived at the pool waiting for their trainer. They are wearing the sexiest swimsuit they have as both are looking forward to swim. But these two are adventurous and horny and Aida Sweet gets naked all the way thanks to her buddy’s help. Enjoy seeing these two naughty women getting wet as they dip into the pool.

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Released: 04/12/2018
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