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Pornstars / Amirah Adara

Amirah Adara Vital Stats
Height:  160 cm / 5'3"
Age:  25
Measurements:  32A-23-34
Hair Color:  Brunette
Eye Color:  Brown
Weight:  46kg / 101lbs
Nationality:  Hungarian

If you are hungry of Hungarian girls, you will absolutely love Amirah Adara. This Hungarian beauty was born on a beautiful and lovely day of February which gave her these lovely and irresistible features that can captivate any man in the planet. She started her porn career on 2011 and up until now, she has continued mesmerizing the people around her with that right A-cup size of perky breasts, big round ass, that flawless skin of hers and that tight shaved pussy. The body of work Amirah Adara has under her cute lingerie for 7 years will speak for itself that she has the erotic body and the legs to be spread throughout the screens of the viewers in various porn movies for different studios like Woodman Entertainment where she started.

Just by looking at her pictures, you can see her enthusiasm in every sex scenes, in her body language, on how she projects with the camera, its like she is enticing the viewers to come and play with her. That tight pussy is the winner! She might have made a lot of work but she can perform and still give the audience what they want and that is Satisfaction. The way her long silky long hair flows down her gorgeous body as she is fucking on screen feels like heaven not just to her partner but also for the different audiences across the globe. Considering she is only 18 years old, her fucking skills can match the pornstars who has much more experience than her. With those irresistible features, she will surely gain more experience and excite more people in the future.

Amirah Adara, literally means “Virgin Princess,” is the perfect name for her with those youthful features. In reality, she is a sex maniac on-screen and all she wants is to please all of her viewers. She is all-around and done various scenes that really show her best features. Those fresh pink nipples and tight pussy. Her long legs when spread can accommodate not one but two or three cocks in an orgy. Her perky boobs are even lovelier. Amirah Adara has collaborated with different studios like 21Sextury, Evil Angel, Reality Kings, and Nubiles. Her audience will be satisfied in every scene she participates. She has no limit and her scenes speak loudly as she wants more attention from the people around her. There is no slowing down this lovely girl because all she wants is to share her sexy features to the world and make it a better place.

Some of the fans tell her that she should get bigger boobs but most of them say that it is best not to because that natural beauty is already at its peak. Amirah's scenes will show that she is also a princess and needs to be worshipped. Nobody can resist her charm as she stares at the camera naked and starts caressing her body. You can just imagine if you are her partner in those scenes, it would feel like heaven on earth.

Amirah Adara keeps with the latest updates in technology. She makes the internet her best friend as she connects with all her fans via Twitter and Pinterest. Amirah can be personal with her fans and share some intimate scoop with her personal life. She also loves to interact with fans in different fan events. This pornstar likes to know what their sexual desires are so that she can apply it in her latest production. It goes to show that Amirah really cares and loves to please them. Would you believe that this girl is still single and ready to mingle with young guys out there. Maybe a fan like us can have a chance! She loves the outdoors and likes skiing and snowboarding.

If you meet her on the snow, you can appreciate that gorgeous natural beauty hiding in that thick suit. You can just imagine undressing her only to find out that she is not wearing any underwear. It is like unwrapping your favorite gift on the holidays and it is just March!

Amirah Adara Updates

Amirah Adara and Misha Cross loves sex toys
These horny, crazy wild chicks Amirah Adara and Misha Cross are here once again to bring you one of the best lesbian sex video to date. If you are an avid follower of our site they have a previous video involving these two naughty chicks and one heck of a lucky guy in a wild, naughty threesome. This time it is only the two of them and it is going to be explosive. This started as Amirah Adara goes into the nearby sex shop to buy a new sex toy to add into her collection. This brunette is ecstatic on her purchase as she couldn’t wait to use it not only to herself, but into her lesbian fuck buddy. Her name is this sexy tattooed blonde Misha Cross.

Inked girl Polish Misha Cross is gorgeous and is Amirah Adara’s best fuck buddy. Whenever both feels horny they booty call each other if they are not busy. Their combination is something, with Amirah Adara the brunette, voluptuous one and Misha, the sexy blonde that everyone fantasizes. Misha Cross arrived at Amirah Adara’s pad and appeared to be celebrating their sexual friendship by lighting a penis candle. The cutie brunette shows off what she bought a while ago. That includes a skimpy pink lingerie for her to wear later on their sexy session and a new purple vibrator.

Both are curious on the new sex toy and wanted to try it as soon as possible. You can see Misha Cross went missing as she is dressing at the toilet. Amirah Adara can’t wait and soon she is on her bra and panties. She started to use the newly bought vibrator into her pussy, getting into the mood before the action. You can see how she likes what she is getting with it and couldn’t wait to try it into her fuck buddy. Misha Cross loves what she is wearing and perfectly fits her body. It is this tempting blonde turn to try as she spreads her legs in the sofa. She let her brunette friend use it into her trimmed pussy.

Misha Cross definitely loves what she is getting as her charming behavior started to become naughty. Both these girls started to kiss passionately while Misha is enjoying the purple vibrator. She then decided to return back the favor as she let Amirah bend over her body showing her big butt in front of the camera. She started to put it into her shaved cunt and rubbed it vigorously making her already dripping wet. Misha added her tongue on her tight ass as she loves playing on her fuck buddy’s both holes.

Both continued their session and this time this adorable brunette spreading her legs wide getting that pussy pleased with their new vibrator and Misha Cross’ tongue. You can see Amirah getting her orgasms as her yummy pussy is already wet in closeup. Hear her moans getting louder as soon as she got what she wanted. Misha did a great job pleasuring Amirah’s hungry pink.

Both decided to use another sex toy and this time their all favorite red dildo. Amirah Adara immediately inserted it deep inside Misha Cross’ fresh cunt. She also licked the heck out of her pussylips and sucking her pussy juices. You are going to love how the blonde inked babe react to every lick she got from her lesbian buddy. With her slender legs upwards, Amirah directed that dildo straight into her asshole. Being an anal sex lover you know Misha loves what she is getting of it with the evidence of her getting wet.

Their lesbian scenes started to get messy in a good way as both exchange position. It is Amirah Adara’s tight asshole’s turn as she got dildo fucked on her gaping hole. Misha did that while licking the hell out of the horny brunette’s wet coochie. You can see both are exchanging favors with their use of their own sex toys until both decided to pleasure themselves with their own sex toy. After getting their orgasms they both lick their combination of pussy juices by licking it like a real cock.

Released: 09/21/2018
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Cheerful Amirah Adara likes huge cock in her butt
It is a great day indeed for this guy to find a hot naughty girl like this brunette beauty Amirah Adara. Spending a week with her is definitely worth your time and vacation as this girl can truly de-stress you with her charming smile. But one thing she is popular is her skills in bed. She can definitely surprise you with that innocent looking face as she is on her naughtiest mood she can definitely get wild.

Here she surprises her guy before lunch time as she wears one of her sexiest, skimpiest outfit. What makes it even more special as she isn’t wearing underneath as we got a great view of her perky tits and her huge ass. Once her guy found her at the balcony, in the penthouse she started to dance naughtily. She started to wiggle that huge butt in front of her guy’s camera. We got some picture perfect moments with that precious butt as she started to walk seductively behind the camera. She soon started to dance seductively as we get a closeup look of that booty.

After teasing this girl started a quick chat with this guy and you can see how horny and naughty she is with that look from her eyes. She wanted to put that cock in her ass as her backdoor is hungry for a big cock. You can see her as she immediately kneel down in front of him and started to suck it as sloppy as she can. You can see Amirah Adara trying to deepthroat that cock as deep as possible. This brunette started to gag with pleasure and she still keeps on pleasuring cock with her mouth.

Next scene both started to do the 69 position and we got to see her getting lick on her pussy while she is still busy making that cock hard with her mouth and her throat. Her sloppy blowjob is starting to get noisy as she keeps on deepthroating that lucky dick as much as she can just to please her guy.

With that blowjob performance she deserves a huge thick cock into her pussy. With a great view of her tight pink pussy she spreads her legs wide and started to receive that cock making her cum for the first time. It is time for her favorite as she requested to screw her into her butthole. You can see her as she is screaming with pain and pleasure by watching her in POV.

Next position is fucking her in doggystyle position of course. Everybody want to see that huge booty while getting fucked hard on her gaping hole. Her partner can’t help but spank that ass cheeks as started to screw her non-stop. You can hear Amirah Adara moan louder all over the penthouse. That moans turns into screams as soon as she gets her multiple orgasms in a span of few minutes. They move into the floor and got a great view of her pussy and her asshole. You can hear her still moaning with pleasure as she gets wet down there.

It is satisfying to see seeing Amirah Adara having sex in POV. Here we get a great view of her butt and her body in front of the camera. Being addicted to anal, she voluntarily spreads her cheeks wide. She couldn’t ask for more of that big dick thrusting in and out of her asshole.

Once they are finish and Amirah Adara finally gets her own multiple orgasms. You can see her jerking that cock before sucking it as fast as she can. She said she wanted to eat her breakfast! That is why she receives all her guy’s load inside her mouth for her to satisfy her cum hunger. She swallowed it all into the last drop.

Released: 07/31/2018
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Misha Cross and Amirah Adara kinky threesome
This guy, Kai Taylor in the black outfit is so drunk. Drunk to the level that he is talking to the two stuff toys. Maybe this guy is depressed over something or maybe it is just too much alcohol. Anyway she offered milk for these two cat dolls. Look how stupid Kai is as he tried to feed these two with it. Too much rum can probably make you fell asleep or dream about something. That is why when he fell asleep he dreamtabout these two hotties Misha Cross and Amirah Adara wearing their kinky cat leather uniforms. These two are already topless and Kai Taylor wondered that the two cat dolls transformed into two kinky, horny whores.

Everybody fantasizes about these two beautiful women Misha Cross and Amirah Adara. We won’t be surprised at all if this guy fantasizes about them too. Misha Cross is a tattooed blonde chick that loves to get kinky on her sex partners as well as her fuck buddies. Her big tits and her tight pussy looked delicious that every man would love to have a taste with it.

Amirah Adara, is a lovely voluptuous brunette that every man or woman would love to watch gets naked. Her adorable face makes you wonder if she is really into porn. Despite her small tits, she have curvy legs and huge butt. These two with their wonderful features are always craving for orgasms. They are adventurous as well and you can see how they can get as kinky as they can be on this video.

This guy still can’t believe what he is seeing. Two hot chicks that would love to get down and dirty wwith him. He approached them and fed with milk, licking Kai’s fingers seductively, before they kiss each other alternately. Believing he can wake up in that moment he took advantage of it by revealing his big thick cock in front of these two. You can watch how these two horny babes are eager to give him a double blowjob and it is such satisfying to see. They even let him dip his cock in the milk and sucked it sloppily wet as much as possible.  The double blowjob session didn’t stop from there as Kai forced these two to deepthroat his long cock and these two enjoyed it.

Finally they decided to start getting that cock on their lovely pussies and it is Amirah Adara’s turn first. Kai Taylor love to see her huge butt getting bouncy everytime he plows that cock deep inside her tight cunt. Of course the inked girl Misha Cross warms up as she let Amirah lick her trimmed pussy while she is getting groped by this guy. Enjoy Amirah Adara’s tight pussy taking a toll of that huge thick cock and you can hear her cunt getting squishy as she is most likely dripping wet. While Misha Cross was getting her own orgasms, thanks to her buddy Amirah’s tongue and fingers.

With Kai’s efforts letting Amirah cum multiple times she returns back the favor by aggressively sucking his cock. These two chicks got competitive as they want to see who can deepthroat that huge cock hard. Both are winners by the way but the real winner here is Kai Taylor. Watch how things got sloppy out there as these two gags on it and their saliva are all over their faces.

It is the tattooed babe Misha Cross turn to receive that marvelous dick not on her hungry cunt but on her gaping hole. Yes Misha Cross loves anal sex so much and she getting it the spoon position.  She requested it to this guy to fuck her on that position. Enjoy seeing her perky tits and her hard pink nipples getting the pleasure courtesy of Amirah Adara. She brings her own dildo as well and let Amirah lick and suck it too like a real cock. You can see Misha’s struggle with both pain and pleasure as she never received a large cock like that on her butt. Her moans turned into satisfying screams and she likes it.

It is Amirah Adara’s turn now as she also does anal and wanted to experience Kai’s huge cock drilling deep inside of her asshole. Love to see her tight butt struggling but thanks to Misha Cross will. She pleases all of them she deepthroat the guy’s cock and spits saliva into Amirah’s gaping hole. The anal sex session just got easier and pleasurable after that.

It is a half hour long of a fantasy FFM threesome with these two gorgeous ladies. Things got sloppier in the end with ass to mouth action from both hotties. They wanted to finish these raunchy sex session in a high note. After screwing Amirah Adara in a doggystyle position, Kai let all of his huge amount of load fill on Misha Cross’ mouth. Enjoy seeing this naughty blonde plays with it inside her mouth and she shared it with the brunette Amirah. Both started cumswapping it until they swallow it all. Funny thing in the end Kai Taylor wakes up and found his jizz all over his pants. She sees the two hotties nowhere to be found.

Released: 06/11/2018
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Amirah Adara wakes him up for sex in the morning
What it is like sleeping with the brunette beauty Amirah Adara? Here is the video of the example of what it is like as this cutie was sleeping naked with her makeup on. She still looks gorgeous even when she just woke up and both of her and her tattooed, well muscled lover are naked as they’ve just finish their raunchy sex session earlier at night. Being horny as she is, she want more huge cock early in the morning. She started to wake up her partner by showing her small tits and dirty talking to him. She is unsuccessful at first but she keeps on waking him up as she want sex in the morning.

Funny thing her guy was tired and he ask her if he can rest for a bit before they continue their hardcore session. But Amirah Adara, being persistent as she is dressed up as a naughty girl with glasses and her skimpy outfit, short skirt and her fishnet stockings. She presented her big butt in front of him. Who can’t resist that? That is why the guy started to spank that butt and choke her with his fingers. He started to insert his huge cock deep inside on Amirah Adara’s tight pink pussy in doggystyle position. She also got a taste of her own pussy juices with her partner’s fingers.

Being a cock addict she begs for her partner as she kneels down in front of him. She asked for that cock to put it inside her mouth. She is talented when it comes to this and can take that whole length deep inside her mouth. You can see this beauty gag and she loves it. She wanted to satisfy her partner with that and make that cock hard for her perusal later.

They finally proceed in the bed and resume their much awaited morning sex session. This horny brunette love getting rough sex and fuck hard in the spoon position. You can see hear her satisfying moans getting louder every pounce she get from that thick cock. Amirah Adara was not finish with that stuff and she ask her partner to direct that drilling cock deep inside her gaping hole. Watch her shaved pussy getting wet and her tight asshole getting stretch with that thick cock as both keeps lubricating it to satisfy their anal cravings.

The best part is yet to come as Amirah Adara goes on top. It will definitely provide a great view of her curvy body as well as her small perky tits and huge butt. Her plump booty is bouncing as she keeps on going up and down on that dick. They pause and Amirah lubricated the cock more with her saliva through her sloppy blowjob. She does that while getting spank on her ass.

These two finally did the piledriver position afterwards. Even though it is difficult for this horny whore, she keeps insisting on doing this position. Watch her asshole takes a toll with that huge dick and soon it goes right inside her mouth. It is a very brief moment before they proceed on fucking in doggystyle position. The guy wanted to see that butt bouncing as he drills that thick cock everytime. Amirah Adara spreads her ass cheeks wide giving him a full access.

After the reverse cowgirl and a few fucking moments, this brunette knows her partner is about to cum. She keeps on dirty talking as her partner preparing her mouth. Soon after he releases his juice watch Amirah Adara’s mouth filled with huge amount of cum. With her being naughty and horny as she is, she plays it with her tongue and started to gargle it with her mouth before swallowing it all finishing the session in a great note.

Released: 04/05/2018
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Office girl Amirah Adara won’t go home from office until she reaches her orgasm

First of all, if you love brunettes you might want to check the lovely Amirah Adara! This European pornstar currently dominates the industry with her solo, lesbian and hardcore sex videos. Here on this video she is about to mesmerize you with a captivating solo video of her being an office girl.

Every man loves a hot and sexy secretary on their workplace. Just the idea of seeing these sexy women everyday wearing their usual skimpy clothes are such a turn on and will definitely help you being productive at work. Therefore Amirah Adara, being a pleaser is planning to do that scene for her fans and followers.

This gorgeous brunette was feeling horny at that time and she cannot miss the opportunity to cross one of her bucket list. Her naughty plan is to lock herself inside her owwn office and starts playing with her tight pink pussy. Of course with the help of internet porn. She always wanted to have an explosive orgasm in the office. An orgasm that is something memorable and definitely exciting as she didn’t want to get caught unless it is her boss.

Here she is as we already found her on her black lingerie giving us a glimpse of her sexy body. She is inside her office. She told us she didn’t want to waste time on showcasing her amazing body. Just look first at the start of the video with those sexy long legs. She was sitting in her office chair and you can see her browsing in her workstation with some porn pictures of horny women getting nailed hard with big cocks.

Amirah Adara immediately went through her ticklish zones as she uses her hands to caress her small tits and her erect nipples as well as her already wet pussy as it sees through her lingerie. You can’t wait for Amirah to remove her sexy two piece of lingerie don’t you?

Finally she removes her panties first as she gets horny, lifting her juicy legs up high and started fondling her wet pussy. She is getting it on with those horny teen pictures at the website that she is browsing. Seeing those sexy girls getting their huge cocks fix on their tight twats is a perfect scene because it is her sex fantasy.

Don’t forget after seeing her tight pussy as she caresses it sensually. In addition, you can see her pink nipples getting hard. Watch how she spreads her legs wide giving us a stunning view of her long legs and her wet cunt. Hearing her moan getting louder is music to our ears. She inserts not one but two fingers finally on her slippery snatch. She is doing it as she cups on her huge boobies at the same time.

You can see through her expression the joy that she is getting. We know that she is horny as hell and would rather play with her pussy than to work. Watch her magical hands at the five minute mark you will see her pink pussy up. Yes she is about to get her much awaited orgasms.

Look for another revelation ass she surprises us by bringing her huge pink dildo. She told the crew she rather finish her orgasms off with her favorite sex toy. How brave she is bringing that in front of the office. You can see her getting wilder and wilder as she hold that lucky pink dildo. Wait for her as she started treating it like a cock by lubricating it with her saliva. She put it into her mouth and as a result, she starts to lick and suck it like a real dick. Enjoy seeing her as a preview on how she gives blowjobs to her partners.

She wanted that dildo to get slippery surprising us by drilling her tight asshole. Being anal addict as she is, she pleases her gaping hole with a sensual dildo playing. She did it the naughty way by bending over her body facing her Mac. Enjoy imagining this lovely babe fucking in doggystyle position and it seems like she want to finish her session off by cumming on that position. Just look at her satisfied face, the risk of her getting caught off guard is all worth the thrill.

Imagine seeing a hot and sexy secretary fingering and toying dildo inside her office. That is one fantasy that all men and probably women would love to see in their workplace. Actually we wish to see her getting caught that time. Maybe next time we will see that on Amirah Adara's next session.

Released: 02/14/2018
Tags: Anal Babe Brunette Dildo Hungarian Masturbation Office Petite Piercing Pornstar Pussy Fingering Small tits Solo


Hi Amirah;) im a Big fan og your work, and i think you the hottest girl in the World