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Pornstars / Loren Minardi

Loren Minardi Vital Stats
Height:  180cm/5'8'
Age:  24
Measurements:  36B-26-40
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Brown
Weight:  60kg/132lbs
Nationality:  Hungarian
Hungary definitely is a place to be if you want to hunt beautiful chicks. They are also expressive and liberated as well on their sexuality and would love to be adventurous when it comes to sex. In short they are freaking horny. Just like this glamorous babe Loren Minardi. This porn actress got a gorgeous face that is very extinct because of her unique features. Her eyes are always teasing, her nose is sharp and she has a kissable lips. That describes her perfect beauty. The thing is this beauty is not a model but a pornstar! Yeah, Loren Minardi with the beauty and a body of a professional model loves pussies and cocks for her sexual appetite.

Many can mistake her for some other pornstars because of her face. It is not that common but she can resemble a lot of famous pornstars from the previous years. When she smiles in front of the camera it really can make your day bright. But when she gets naked in front of the camera, teasing and stripping seductively, she really can make your cock hard.

Standing tall at 5 feet 11 inches, she is only 24 years old and taking the adult industry by storm with her lesbian and hardcore sex videos. This European babe legs was definitely on the par with the famous models all over the world. Just by seeing her showing it off on her striptease videos will definitely complete your fapping day. But when she opened it wide for her partners it is just like a dream like making out and having sex with your dream girl. That’s how gorgeous this gorgeous chick is.

Her small tits are one of a kind especially for the tiny tits lovers out there. While her pink pussy looks very tight and it is very tempting. That is why most of the guys are jealous to see other male adult stars screwing this hottie. But the catch here is this babe can get rough just like the other pornstars out there. In 3 years being in the business she had done numerous of hardcore videos including anal ones. Yes she can do anal sex and is willing to let her asshole stretched with massive sex toys or real big cocks.

Her overall figure when she gets naked is a wonderland. Many of her partners love to explore every part of her body. We notice that she got small tattoos on her right arm, right leg and her left arm. But seeing her full body naked is what the guys and girls want from her.

When it comes to her anal sex videos first we cannot believe that she is doing that. Until we see it on our very eyes on some of her films last 2017. She can take huge cocks deep inside her gaping hole. You can see her face as she struggles at first. But with multiple sessions she can take it all with no effort, as she is satisfied getting her asshole stretched. Yeah Loren Minardi can be nasty at times. You can see her mostly on some normal hardcore and passionate sex but there are few ones when she can be rough as a nymphomaniac.

We don’t know the whereabouts of Loren Minardi as of now. She doesn’t have any social media pages to follow on but we are hoping she is not resigning in the business. Lots of guys are asking about her status as they couldn’t get enough of this sexy seductress. We hope we can see more of Loren from the year 2018 onwards and probably do some kinky acts like BDSM that will further improve her list of achievements.

Loren Minardi Updates

Loren Minardi tried anal sex and did just fine
Everyone’s favorite Loren Minardi is about to get dirty! That is right! This gorgeous adult model right here everytime you see her in a hardcore videos feels like surreal. With that beautiful face as almost the same as the models in the mainstream industry, we knew we are in for a treat watching her giving a blowjob. She was wearing her red dress at the start of the video as she starts to showcase her slender body. She bends over in a doggystyle position to show off her beautiful ass in front of the camera. Loren Minardi started to unveil her glorious tits until she removes all of her dress showcasing her perfect body. Watch how she gives us a peek of her already wet pussy as she uses her lubricated fingers with her saliva to play it.

Soon this sexy babe talks about her sex preferences and her past experiences with the cameraman. You will notice some tattoos on different parts of her body that fits into her own personality. She is kinda reserved but can get naughty at the right place at the right time. Just like here on this video as she introduced herself. Loren Minardi is from Budapest, Hungary and is 23 years old. She told the guys she is about to shoot porn and she wanted to keep her skills for her at first to surprise her lucky partner later on.

Soon we have seen this gorgeous babe giving a great POV blowjob. With that beautiful face it is really unbelievable to see her blow that cock with a little less effort. You can see that huge cock is all over the camera and she managed to make it hard as early as possible. She maybe does not have deepthroating skills but sure she can give a hell of a blowjob for this lucky guy to remember. Watch in different angle while she sucks on that cock her beautiful body as well as in closeup as we can see her trying so hard to devour that lucky cock on her tiny little mouth. The guy wasn’t contented though and she let him be in control afterwards by fucking her mouth like a pussy.

They started their hardcore sex session in doggystyle position as we can see her wonderful naked body and her beautiful butt and her tight pussy taking a big cock. You can see her pussy juices as she is dripping wet and hearing her moan and seeing her beautiful face while screwing her is definitely a great sight to see for the guys especially for her fans. The guy soon transferred into another hole and that is her tight asshole. Watch how she struggle but she loves the combination of pain and pleasure that she is getting from it. They shifted afterwards in a spoon position and we can see her whole nakedness in front of the camera. It was even shot in closeup! Enjoy seeing her gaping hole getting as wide as possible.

Everyone wants to see her on top and finally we can see her getting fucked on her hungry pussyhole. She did this while giving us a glimpse of her already fucked asshole. Her butt is such a great thing to see as she pumped hard on that hard cock. Wait for the best scene when things got rough for both of them as the guy keeps fucking her hard. You can see Loren Minardi’s real orgasm as it was dripping all over that tool.  Wow!

They end this half hour scene of her as she is milking that cock with her hands and her mouth. She let him cum inside her mouth and she swallowed it all until the last drop satisfying her partner.

Released: 07/16/2018
Tags: Anal Babe Blowjob Brunette Cum In Mouth Deepthroat Hungarian Piercing Pornstar POV Pussy Fuck Tattooed
Irresistible Loren Minardi and Nataly Gold unforgettable lesbian sex session
One of the best niches when watching porn is the lesbian category. Especially when seeing two beautiful babes like Loren Minardi and Nataly Gold going at each other. These two are popular for their trending hardcore sex videos in the industry. This time they will take one on one as both booked a room in the five-star hotel nearby their work. The small titted chick Nataly Gold was wearing her lingerie and she was waiting for the busty Loren Minardi to undress in their bras and panties.

Loren Minardi brought a drink for these two. It is just a juice drinks, not wine. But being naughty and horny as they is they didn’t need that. They complimented each other with their fresh sexy bodies. You can see Loren’s hands are already at Nataly’s back, caressing it lightening up the mood. But those naughty stares from these two are too tempting and soon you can see them undressing each other. Nataly takes off her first exposing her tiny fresh tits and hard nipples for Loren to suck. Nataly give back with her own licking and sucking of her own as Loren reveals her firm boobies and her pink nipples.

These hot babes horniness are at the maximum level and Loren Minardi couldn’t wait. She initiates the action by going in on her panties. Loren starts to fondle and caress Nataly down there. Both felt that wetness inside and Loren did not hesitate to reach out to her twat. Look how fresh her shaved pussy is and her tongue work her way outside of her pink labia and her pussylips. She stopped after few seconds teasing Nataly for a bit making her return the favor. Loren bend over her body and let Nataly lick the heck out of her dripping wet cunt.

Both of these hotties are already in the mood for some dildo playing. Nataly Gold tested it right away care of Loren’s assistance. Much of our surprise, Loren inserted it not into her wet pussy but in her tight butt. Watch her asshole getting much pleasure much to the delight of Nataly Gold. Just by observing her facial expression indicates how she enjoysgetting dildo fucked on her precious rear.

Loren Minardi loves to build the tension at first. She instructed her lesbian fuck buddy to lick her cunt first. Later she starts to insert that glass dildo inside her twat. You can hear her pussy getting squishy with her cum and that prompts Nataly to proceed screwing her asshole. Watch the scene as they film it in a closeup shot. You can see Loren’s pussy juices all over making her moans getting louder. Both this naughty babes don’t mind if they are getting heard outside their hotel room. They don’t care as long as they get their multiple orgasms.

Loren Minardi is not finished yet. She isn’t satisfied giving Nataly Gold the orgasms that she is requesting. She asked her to bend over her body. Just like what she is doing when getting that dildo in a doggystyle position. With no hesitation she started to screw her tight gaping hole with the super lucky glass dildo and didn’t stop until Nataly Gold gives up with too much sexual pleasure.

Watch as they finish their session strong in a sensual 69 position. Both licked and fingered their cum covered pussies and ended it once they got their own and final orgasms of the day. You’ll see these two gorgeous ladies getting romantic in the end as both are exhausted with their half hour long lesbian sex session. They ended kissing and sleeping naked and they discuss their next scheduled lovemaking sessions for the next month. We couldn’t wait for it to watch!

Released: 03/07/2018
Tags: Anal Ass Licking Babe Dildo Hungarian Lesbian Masturbation Pornstar Pussy Fingering Pussy Licking Russian Small tits Tattooed