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Donna Bell hot masturbation in the passenger seat

Donna Bell's diary

Sexy, big-titted Donna Bell wanted to prove that she didn’t need a man to get her off in this video shot exclusively for Porn Stream Live and directed by Slay Productions. Donna told us that when she wants to cum, she’s going to cum. She doesn’t care who’s around or where she is, even if it’s out in her car in her driveway. The setting didn’t matter, but Donna did want something sexy to wear before stripping, so she decided on the cute little multi-colored dress. Easy to get on and even easier to get off, she knew it would get everyone excited before they ever saw an inch of skin. To get ready she gives everyone a sexy little strip tease, her fuck-me eyes constantly screaming for a nice thick cock. When her clothes finally come off, Donna begins to play with her pussy, spreading her lips and rubbing her clit with a finger to get herself nice and wet and ready for what she’s about to do.

Finally, she climbs into the car and spreads her legs, giving us a delicious view in the process. She begins slow, teasing, playing with her slit and slowly sliding a finger into her own pussy. With her free hand, she plays with her tits, pulling and pinching the nipples in ecstasy. She keeps her pace slow and steady, keeping it hot in the car as she pushes herself closer and closer to orgasm. Her hips buck as the pleasure takes over her body. She can’t help it as she plunges her fingers into her pussy, rubbing her own clit as she does so. Donna doesn’t forget about the rest of her body throughout, running her free hand up and down as she plays with her tits, adding another level of sexiness.

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Donna Bell