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Black Angelika sucks and fucks David Perry

Black Angelika's diary

For this great scene we asked David Perry and Black Angelika to act out an age old lover’s quarrel for the camera. If you’ve already watched the video, then you know they performed fantastically and things went off without a hitch. Basically, we wanted to pair to show what can happen in the bedroom when a little jealousy is involved. In the video, they’re driving home from somewhere – where, is not overly important – except that they’re discussing the events of a social gathering the previous night. David is jealous, and maybe even a little angry because Black Angelika was flirting with other men right in front of him. We asked the director what was wanted and basically the premise is to have ever increasing erotic tension through conflict that eventually results in super hot sex. I don’t know about you, but we think they did great!

When our two stars get back home they’re in much better spirits. The scene finds them in the bedroom and knowing these two, we were expecting a lot. Of course we weren’t disappointed! The action starts off lovingly, but soon we see that tension from before serving as the perfect catalyst for hardcore fucking! A porn set is much more than just the director and actors – in this scene our camera man did a fantastic job of showing off his skills by giving us great views of all the action! You’ll love watching Black Angelika’s tight ass slide up and down on David’s cock – the action is so hot and heavy that we were all sweating standing there in the studio! 

The bottom line with this video is that when all the pieces go together there’s something magical that happens. Here we have great performers, a skilled crew, and a great story! If only we could say it was always this easy but thankfully, because of the hard work and dedication of our entire team, it’s always fun! 

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