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Black Angelika pays for her car repair by Choky Ice with sex

Black Angelika's diary

In this video we really wanted to see Black Angelika perform in a reality based scene. Our viewers had been requesting this for awhile and we decided that it was finally time to make their dreams come true. When we approached Black Angelika with the idea, she was more than enthusiastic to try it out. As we all know, she loves to take on roles and fulfill the fantasies of her fans, as well as her own personal sexual dreams. As chance would have it, she told us that she had actually fantasized about this particular scene on more than one occasion. In particular, the last time she was at the auto mechanic getting an oil change, she wished she could have had him lube up her engine as well! At those words we were sold – this would be a great scene!

Black Angelika starts out the scene wearing exactly what she would if she wanted to act out this fantasy in real life. Just a sexy sweater and thigh length stockings. The scene starts with her touching herself as she watches her mechanic work on the car. He comes in with the bill and quickly notices that she has other things in mind for payment besides her credit card! Almost without any other prompting, the scene was in motion!


The pair got really into the action and soon they were both getting feisty with one another while the camera took it all in. Our director wanted to see anal in this scene, and that seemed like the perfect payment for the service that had been done to her car. Flat on her back with her engine open and in full view, Choky Ice applied the necessary lubricant to get her wet and fix all her aches and pains through orgasmic bliss! 

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Black Angelika