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Alice Romain and Mugur fuck like animals

Alice Romain's diary

When we approached Alice Romain about this scene, we told her that what we really wanted to see was a natural, relaxed sequence in which things start off casually and progress into a wanton fuck fest. She laughed and said she liked the sound of how that progressed, so we knew we had our girl! The next thing she wanted to know was who she’d be partnered with in the scene. We told her that was completely up to her – basically, whoever she wanted to fuck was hers to have her way with. With a wink she said “I want to fuck Mugur!”

The day of the shoot the two models and our crew had been hanging out for a little while relaxing and laughing about random things. Alice walked in wearing a stunning yellow dress. It clung to her body tightly and we could tell from just looking at Mugur’s face, that he wanted to unzip that thing right then and there and get busy with that hot little sex bomb. To be honest, the entire seem felt very natural – exactly like how we’d planned it. None of it felt like work, but more like play, and that was a great feeling for all of us!


As the scene progressed we could tell that these two had been looking forward to this for a while. They played with one another and showed a lot of passion – more passion than you typically see in a porn shoot! The best part is when Alice gets on her knees and begins licking Mugur’s balls with her tongue. She looks so hungry, like she could swallow the entire thing – in fact she got close! If you’re a fan of great hardcore sequences, then this is definitely one that the models themselves were very proud of and that really says something!

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Alice Romain