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Aida Sweet takes the doctor’s advice and fucks him hard in return!

Aida Sweet's diary

In this excellent scene featuring everyone’s favorite sweetheart, Aida Sweet, and shot especially for Porn Stream Live, we get a great look at one of the biggest fantasies of the star of the clip herself. Occasionally our stars receive letters from fans asking about various things. The most common question is “what is your biggest erotic fantasy?” We turned to Aida to film hers and she almost jumped at the chance to do it! What was it? Well, as it turns out, our girl Aida has always dreamt of showing up at the Doctor’s office for a routine appointment but instead of getting an exam, she gets fucked hard right there in the office! I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the perfect plot for a great porn scene!

To get ready for the scene, Aida wanted to be sure everything was perfect from the props and setting to the lines in the film themselves. Aida even went as far as to instruct her male companion for the shoot that he should act surprised when she starts to come on to him! If we’d known all of our stars would react this way to getting to film something like this, we would’ve done it a long time ago!

Well, if you’ve seen the video, then you know that Aida’s erotic plans went off without a hitch. She shows up to find an attractive doctor ready to help her, but all that she really wants is to help him get off! We loved watching the pair act out the initial interactions. As he examines her heart rate, we get great views of Aida’s sly grin knowing exactly what she wants and what she’s planning next! Well, as the saying goes, just like that, and the rest is history! What did she say when we were all finished? “Let’s do that again!” 

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Aida Sweet